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How To Get Thicker Hair (Even If You Have Super-Thin Strands)

Thin hair, beware.

Trust us, these are the products you need to defy hair that feels limp, flat and just generally a bit meh.

Fact: Not all of us are blessed with the kind of abundant hair that emulates a full head of extensions. Some of us are born with thin hair and others develop hair loss. 

Hair loss is not a problem solely for men. In a culture that follows the mantra, the bigger the hair, the better, losing it cannot only be disheartening, but it can also be downright distressing too. It's estimated that hair loss affects about 25 per cent of the female population in Ireland and around 45% of women are concerned with thinning hair, making it an issue to address now more than ever.

While that might be a scary statistic, there is hope. There are a number of products out there that can help stimulate hair growth and come back stronger and shinier and lucky for you, we've found the ultimate plant-based trio so you can get to living life with luscious locks.


Of course, not all fine hair types are the same. While frizz is a problem for some, oil is a bigger concern for others. If you have a fine texture that's oily, French pharmacy brand Klorane created this Shampoo with quinine and B vitamins to revitalises and fortifies thinning hair whilst leaving a nice, sleek texture. In addition to cleaning the hair, the gentle formula also stimulates microcirculation, revitalises the scalp and fortifies thinning hair leaving hair more beautiful. Oh, and it comes with the Alexa Chung seal of approval. 

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When deciding what conditioners to buy for your fine, thinning hair – ingredients can make all difference. This conditioner by Klorane strengthens hair keratin for visible thickness while hydrating and detangling after each shampoo. Its key ingredient, quinine, a molecule with strengthening and toning properties, restores strength and vitality to lifeless hair while the b vitamin complex (b5, b6 and b8) enhances the efficacy of quinine extract. One use and hair is strong, full and easy to style.

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Okay, hear us out—yes, a fortifying spray might sound like an unnecessary step (especially if you're already using the conditioner above in the shower), but it's actually a lazy girl's best friend, thanks to the fact that it heals the hair like you wouldn't believe. The Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray is specifically formulated for thinning hair due to stress, fatigue, seasonal changes, nutritional imbalances and post-pregnancy. It is inspired by the latest methods of micro-nutrition, a scientifically-proven approach to target deficiencies by providing essential nutrients to the core of the hair fibre. The Quinine caffeine complex revitalizes and tones the scalp while Vitamins B3, B5, B6 + Biotin help stimulates the metabolism of cells and add strength to hair. Plant-based Keratin contains amino acids similar to those that make up the Keratin found in the hair and fills in already damaged strands. From the root to the tip, hair is stronger, denser and visibly healthy. 

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