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5 Clever Self-Tanning Tips For A Cruelty-Free Tan

It is Veganuary after all

With Love Island back on our TVs, the desire for bronzed skin is stronger than ever before. That's why we've teamed with Tan Organic to give one lucky Irish Tatler reader the chance to win over €140 worth of fake tan essentials. 

Whether you are attempting to become vegan for the first time or simply want to make your lifestyle cruelty-free, Veganuary is the perfect opportunity to make not only dietary changes but beauty ones too. 

Finding high-quality beauty products that sit perfectly within a vegan lifestyle isn't always easy though. For example, you need to be particularly careful that your favourite essentials don't contain any animal byproducts like honey, lanolin and gelatin.

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It comes as no surprise to learn that in a recent study conducted by TanOrganic, it was revealed that a staggering 80 per cent of women over 200 synthetic ingredients to their skin daily, this amounts to 2kg of products to the skin annually. In the same poll, it discovered that most Irish women like to tan during the winter months, with the majority of these women wearing it as a confidence booster. 

To make the process a little easier, we're rounding up our favourite beauty brands that are as good for your skin as they are for our animal friends. Starting with fake tan.


Chances are you’ve had some bad experiences with fake tan in the past. However, did you know that your streaks and poorly applied colour were probably caused by bad prep? To get a head start on even, long-lasting colour, it’s wise to both exfoliate and moisturise your skin before product application. This ensures it’s both smooth and even for product application. Just make sure that the exfoliator and moisturiser you use are also vegan-friendly. 


When tanning your body, follow this basic map:

  • Apply tanner limb by limb, starting with your legs. Apply over the shin and calf of a leg, sweeping the tan down over your ankle, foot, and toes.
  • Next, apply tanner to your thigh from front to back, using the excess to cover your knee. Repeat on your other leg.
  • For the final step, apply tanner to your hips, stomach, and torso, following with your shoulders and arms.

We suggest waiting at least half an hour before putting clothes on or hopping into bed. In fact, we also recommend fake tanning the night before a big event (#tanningthursday exists for a reason). This gives the tan time to develop. In the morning, shower taking care not to exfoliate or scrub too much. Apply oil to legs for extra glow.

#tip three: Tan yOUR  fACE

Unless you want to look as though you've had a head transplant, it's vital you don't just apply any old fake tan to your face.  For this job, only the most natural, authentic-looking, glow-inducing product will do. Cue the Moisturising Facial Tan Oil by Tan Organic. Specially formulated for the delicate skin on the face, it consists of a luxurious self-tanning oil that will absorb quickly without leaving an unwanted greasy residue. The lightweight oil is simple to apply without the worry of gathering at drier areas of the face and neck. The organic and natural ingredients ensure your face remains nourished and moisturised creating a hydrated and sun-kissed glimmer. 

Here's how to apply self-tanner, which is a five-step process.

    1. Put hair up in a ponytail before you start so you don't miss any parts. According to InStyle magazine, makeup artist Scott Barnes once missed a spot on Jennifer Lopez's ear because he forgot to pull her hair up.
    2. Refer back to #Tip One and prep the skin by gently cleansing and exfoliating.
    3. Apply a few drops of the Moisturising Facial Tan Oil to the palm of your hand, then apply over your face and neck Don't forget to smooth the remaining oil on your hand over earlobes and upper ears. 
    4. Wash your hands, thoroughly. 
    5. Allow the colour to develop for a couple of hours and follow up with a sweep of vegan-friendly bronzer on forehead, cheeks, and nose: areas where the sun naturally shines.

Moisturising Facial Tan Oil, €24.99, Tan Organic

#tip four: pick the right tan

There are several types of tanners: Tans created just for the face, airbrush tanners, cream tans, bronzing gel, tinted tans, tan enhancers, tan oils. There are body shimmer and bronzing powders. So you're forgiven for feeling a tad overwhelmed when it comes to selecting tan, but we've got your back with the following tips:

First, choose your shade. If you have fair skin, opt for a light-to-medium formula, and if you have an olive-toned complexion, use a darker formula.

Next, choose your brand. TanOrganic uses natural and organic ingredients and are the only Eco-Certified self- tanning brand in the world. Formulated for all skin types, and ideal for those with sensitive skin, TanOrganic suits every skin complexion, and because its best applied in light layers it gives you the flexibility of a build-able colour so you can easily adjust the intensity of your tan to suit your requirements. They don't test on animals, are vegan certified and their products contain no parabens, preservatives, fragrances or alcohol. 

Self tan lotion, €24.99, Tan Organic

#tip five: so you messed up...

If you end up with a streaky tan, you can fix it using Tan Organic's Ultimate Exfoliator Glove. The glove exfoliates the skin to even out a patchy application by removing the oldest dead skin cells on its outermost surface, and it is regularly used to help maintain healthy skin. The TanErase Exfoliator Glove leaves your skin feeling luxuriously soft and gives the perfect base to apply your tan, the right way this time.

TanErase Exfoliator Glove, €14.99, Tan Organic

Fake tanning is an art form.  It takes practice, but with the right paint (Tan Organic tan), the right tools (Tan Organ tanning mitt) and the right technique (our fake tan tips and tricks above); you can nail your at-home glow. 

But if you're still scared of looking more Oompa Loompa than a bronzed goddess, then good news. We have the ultimate vegan-friendly self-tan kit by Tan Organic to give away to one lucky Irish Tatler reader. 

To be in the chance of winning a Tan Organic Self-Tan Hamper worth over €140, simply answer the question below.


Sorry, the promotion closed a couple of weeks ago and the winner has been contacted. Don’t worry, you’re still a winner to us. We have loads of other competitions running on the site every Wednesday.

Main image by @irishtatlerbeauty on Instagram

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