The time to buff those rarely-seen limbs is now....

The time to buff those rarely-seen limbs is now.... Instagram: @lucywilliams02

We're ever on our quest to answer all of your most pressing beauty-related enquiries and while sometimes, they've got a glamorous tone – such as the most universal red – other times, they're a little more on the practical-side of things. This round, it's the turn of, what is known in biology, as moulting, the sloughing and shedding of dead skin. 

Here's your 101 guide to getting seriously smooth for summer.... 

Q: Why Do I Need to Exfoliate my Body? 

A: Exfoliating our body is just as important as it to exfoliate the skin on our face, and for the same reasons too. The process helps to remove dead skin cells sitting on the epidermis, to reveal beautiful, newly-generated skin cells coming up from dermal layers underneath. 

Q: Can I Ever Go Too Harsh? 

A: Again, as with your face, everyone needs to figure out the right way to exfoliate for their skin. Finding the balance will require experimentation – some people can tolerate the more abrasive products while others need more gentle formulation that won’t leave skin red and irritated. It's important to be mindful that the skin ranges in thickness in different areas of the body too, and so, can be more sensitive. Regular and gentle exfoliation is the best approach. 

Q: I Use Chemical Exfoliants On My Face, Is There Body Equivalents? 

A: Yes, using a combination of both physical and chemical exfoliation is the quickest way to see smooth-skin results. But if you're totally new to body-exfolation, take it slow - going straight to an AHA acid-rich body serum after a harsh in-shower grainy scrub could leave you red raw if you're a novice. Grainy scrubs can have sharp edges too, meaning when they're rubbed over the skin they can create micro-tears or cracks in the skin's lipid layer, letting moisture to escape easily. 

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Q: My Skin is Really Dry, Is It Ok for Me To Exfoliate? 

A: Absolutely! Dry skin is usually caused by a build-up of dead skin, where cell-turnover by the epidermis isn't quick or efficient enough as it should be. So, it's essential for those with drier skins to help the process along - glycolic acid-infused body care is perfect too, as it works to attract moisture while it exfoliates, without ever being too abrasive. 

Happy Summer Sloughing! 

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