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The 6 Most Overlooked Beauty Brands At Boots

Advantage points at the ready...

They really do deserve more credit. 

There comes a day in every young girls' life when you have the revelation to begin your makeup joruney. Like most, my decision to plummet into the beauty world began with a makeup bag consisting of hand-me-down products my mother got free from various beauty counters. However, soon her palette of 80s-inspired blue and green eyeshadows were no longer cutting it, so I decided to take myself - and my pocket money - to the high street beauty mecca that is Boots. 

I picked up the now iconic blue steel basket and was instilled with excitement. Aisles and aisles of products stretched out in front of me, and I could afford it all. Eight euro foundations that didn't match my neck, two euro neon pink lipsticks, four euro blush, eyeshadow singles in colours other than blue and green - the stuff of teenage dreams.

Now, some years later, I've learnt to appreciate the value in a high-street store that you can rely on. The affordability of Boots beauty brands means more than just the price tag my teenage self was allured by; it's really about making beauty accessible and enabling experimentation for all. If you want to try a new beauty trend or get a set of brushes to up your skill set, you can. You don't have to make a big price commitment for something that might not work out or suit you.

We've all been sucked into the allure of online beauty shopping, but Boots has always been there - and when it comes to beauty, it has plenty of hidden gems on its shelves. 


CYO prides itself on letting you do things your way, mixing up the products and perhaps most importantly not testing on animals. One really interesting thing about CYO is their focus on #MIXLAYERHACK, which means that all of their products are versatile and can be used in multiple different ways. Word on the street is that a lot of their products could pass as dupes for the higher end brands, but we'll let you figure that out for yourselves.

Shop CYO at Boots, here.


If you're a plant-based beauty enthusiast, you need to head over to Boots for this affordable range. The brand works with experts at the Royal Botanical Garden at Kew, so you can rest easy knowing it's finding the plant extracts that have the most benefits for your skin.

Shop Botanics at Boots, here. 


Masqd takes all the guesswork out of buying beauty tools. It's your one-stop shop for brushes, sponges and even nailcare, with a design that's good enough to be seen outside of your makeup bag. Grab one of their kits to get started.

Shop Masqd at Boots, here. 


A-Beauty is having a major moment right now and this Australian natural skincare brand would be worth taking the 20-plus-hour plane ride to Melbourne to get your hands on it, but luckily Boots has us covered. With carefully chosen ingredients and sustainable packaging, Sukin has a thoughtful lineup of gentle but highly effective skincare.

Shop Sukin at Boots, here. 


I'll be honest, I hadn't heard of Makeup Obsession until I recently stumbled across the brand in my local Boots. I almost dropped my packet of pads and toothpaste when I saw they were selling eye shadows for €2 a pop. What struck me about the products, when I was testing the powders and creams on the back of my hand, is that the colour payoff rivals that of the many more expensive palettes out there. After filling a customisable palette and picking up a concealer, you need to trust me when I say this is a must-buy. 

Shop Makeup Obsession at Boots, here. 


 Essentially, YourGoodSkin is your one-stop shop for products designed to ensure you have good skin every day. Co-created by a community of thousands of women, the brand consists of over twenty products ranging from eight types of cleanser to wipes and washes.The brand also has three ingenious products—Immediate Shine Relief, Instant Dryness Rescue and Rapid Rescue Treatment - that can be used over makeup to tackle excess shine, emerging spots or that dry, tight feeling you sometimes get.

Shop YourGoodSkin at Boots, here. 

And just when you thought Boots couldn't get any better, it's now time to clear out your handbag as your Boots Advantage Card just got a digital makeover. Available via the Boots app, you can now collect, redeem and check your points directly from your phone without ever having to do the dreaded root for your card at the till. 

Whatsmore, Boots are also offering 200 free points for first-time users of the app when they link up their card and make a purchase meaning there's no better time for you to discover the overlooked boots beauty brands that deserve more credit. 

For more information on how to download the Boots Digital Advantage, visit

Main image by @cyocosmetics on Instagram

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