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The €4.30 Brow Gel That's Saving My Overgrown, Bushy Eyebrows

An eyebrow gel with the ability to transform short and stubby hairs faster than you can say Cara Delevingne.

I miss my eyebrow technician more than I miss my family...

My eyebrows have a mind of their own (not just saying this to sound relatable – I've been told this regularly by my brow artist). 

If I don't regularly tweeze, comb (with a spoolie), and trim them in-between monthly visits to the salon, they end up looking real bushy, real fast  – and not in a chic, Madonna circa 1987 kind of way.

Product-wise, my kit is pretty small: When I want a more dramatic look, I’ll apply the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the sparse parts of my brow with the nearest brown eyeshadow I have to hand on top to set it all in place (learnt this trick from a drag queen). But day-to-day, I just use a brow gel to add definition to my eyebrows and to also ensure my brows stay put.

As someone who would rather swim in the ocean with sharks (I have a phobia of both) than step outside without my eyebrows attained to, you can imagine the volume of brow products I go through.

So when an equally as eyebrow obsessed colleague of mine told me about Catrice's eyebrow gel (late to the game on this one, I know) that not only gives your eyebrows that feathered texture I've longly sought after but that also tints your brows with each use, I ran to my local Penneys to pick up a tube. 

Straight off the bat, I was impressed. A vegan-friendly brow gel with rose gold detailing for less than €5? It ticks each and every one of my millennial based boxes. 

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However, the first thing I loved about the product was the brush. I've tried over 20 brow gels throughout the years and never have I ever come across a wand like this. Usually, a brow gel will come equipped with a short nib that generally speaking only has six rows of bristles. But as if this brow gel from Catrice wasn't innovative enough, it comes with a narrow yet long wand that has SIXTEEN rows of bristles shaped in a cone form. While your everyday run of the mill brow gel enables you to swipe on precision, the Catrice Brow Colourist Semi-Permanent Brow Mascara makes it easy to brush through the brows and catch even the tiniest of brow hairs.  

This wand combined with its fibre-enriched gel formula gives your brows that laminated feel without going through with the process. Ideal if, like me, you're intimidated by the trend and not sure whether the style will actually suit you. It lifts, tints, shapes, sculpts, and adds structure to your brows without ever leaving them crusty. Just use the brush along your brows in an upward motion, using small strokes, and voilà. Thicker, more volumized brows in seconds. Oh, it also comes in five different shades to suit blondes, brunettes and darker hair tones too.

My only complaint? Well, I have two. It's not a stronghold brow mascara so it doesn't fix my brows in a way that won't make them move which can be tricky if you express your emotions through your eyebrow movements. The other thing? Much to my brow artist's delight, it didn't tint my brows – well, not as I had expected. Granted it was wishful of me to presume that the daily use of a brow gel would suddenly give me dark like Cara Delevingne brows but I've been using the product daily for over a month now and I haven't noticed much of a difference. Are my brows darker? Yes, slightly. But are they dark enough to stop with my monthly eyebrow tints? Dissapointgly, no. 

That said, as soon as I finish the Catrice Brow Colourist Semi-Permanent Brow Mascara, I will be popping into my local Penneys to pick up another tube. 

Brow Colourist Semi-Permanent Brow Mascara, €4.30, Catrice

Main image by @charlihoward on Instagram

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