The so-called "Hermès of marijuana" is giving bigger brands a run for their money. 

Luxury Cannabis Brand Beboe has made the transition from skunk to skincare in a new launch of CBD-driven products "designed to calm skin and promote cell renewal."

Beboe – known for their signature rose-gold vaporiser pens and low-dose pastilles — was founded by celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell in 2017 and has since provided the Los Angeles elite with aesthetically pleasing marijuana-fuelled accessories. 

The company – which counts Sharon Stone, Orlando Bloom and Justin Theroux among its many star fans – announced just this week its plans to enter the skincare sphere with Beboe Therapies, a two-product range featuring a serum and sheet masks spiked with full-spectrum CBD.

With plans to sell directly to consumers through their website as well as several new partnerships, Beboe's aim is to be "one of the first companies to tackle CBD skin care from a place of deep cannabis education."

“My wife, Lake [Bell] is the muse and inspiration behind much of what we do,” says Campbell. 

"So when the company decided to take its CBD (short for cannabidiol) knowledge into the beauty space with the launch of skincare line Beboe Therapies, they turned to the actress for her advice.

“We explored a few directions, and the serum and face mask were her favourite daily drivers, so we decided to push those forward first,” says Campbell, who has inked everyone from Orlando Bloom to Sting and fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

The new range launches on 1 April – but, for those looking to explore the beauty world's newest and most curious ingredient, you can check out its best-selling Luxury CBD Pen and feel altogether very LA. 

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