The vital component missing from your beauty routine. 

The ever-evolving market of products generate with CBD oil has become so trendy, that Wall Street analysts have started treating it as a standalone category, according to CNBC

Making their way onto the shelves of luxury retailers such as Sephora, Barneys and Neiman Marcus, analysts at Piper Jaffray are seeing further growth in this "beauty and the bong" industry. 

"This week at Sephora, we noticed a curated section in-store for hemp-oriented products featuring brands that have dipped their toe into this space," Erinn Murphy, Piper Jaffray's senior research analyst, said in a note on Wednesday.

"We have seen a high level of interest in cannabis beauty from retailers over the past month based on our store checks and incremental launches. We expect further retailer developments in the coming months."

General products formulated with CBD from hemp are widely available, while those made with cannabis’s more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-dominant strains, which can have psychoactive effects, remain more restricted in certain parts of the world.

Cannabis containing a high level of CBD – one of its chemical components, known as cannabinoids – helps to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis, stroke and epilepsy, as well as chronic and neuropathic pain, and psychological conditions such as stress and anxiety.

It is precisely these cutting edge stress-relieving side effects that have piqued the beauty interest's attention so vividly. 

Since the FDA's approval of purified forms of CBD, the luxury beauty world has met the wellness industry somewhere in the middle, providing an entire realm of cannabinoid opportunities. 

Tinctures, gummies, vape pens, facial serums, and body creams are only some of the available treatments aiming to whittle away at chronic pain and inflammation, as well as high cortisol levels.

While clinical research for the therapeutic phytocannabinoid is ongoing, and understanding the natural remedy is key when navigating the space (some brands are derived from different sources, like hemp, while others are purely synthetic), it’s proving to be promising—so expect the breadth of CBD-infused products to expand even further in 2019. 

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