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Calling All Fragrance Fans: Chanel Has Just Dropped Perfume Pencils

Game. Changer.

Refresh your perfume while on the go.

Finding the perfect fragrance, if you believe the adverts, is a lot like falling in love: Within seconds, it can make you feel like a happier, sexier version of yourself — and you don't even have to smile through an awkward meet-the-parents. 

Unfortunately for anyone with travel plans, airport security couldn't care less about how it makes you feel. You're expected to shrink your beauty products by at least 50% to fit inside a 20cm x 20cm plastic bag, which then gets squeezed into a suitcase small enough for an aeroplane's 45 linear inches of overhead space. The process isn't pretty, and until now – neither are most travel-sized perfumes.

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Chanel has updated its hit perfume arsenal, in the form of fragrance pencils and hair oil. The fragrance pencils provide a scented on-the-go boost, while the jojoba-enriched hair oil teams perfume with haircare.

Perfect for a discreet top-up at any time of the day, these new versions of the Chanel's iconic perfumeChance, have everything to make us fall in love again. It's all thanks to, one, their retractable nib allowing for a very soft application on the skin, two, their adorable travel case in which they are alighted like pens in a pencil box and finally, three, there are four amazing scents inside each perfect for a different mood during the day.

What's more, the Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils are also more liquids-bag friendly. And, dare we say it, more purse-friendly, too, as you are getting four interpretations of Chanel Chance for €75 – which still comes in cheaper than buying a full-size bottle of one of these perfumes.

Also ideal for those of us who are indecisive when it comes to selecting a signature scent. With a set of Chanel's perfume pencils, you get: Chance Eau Fraiche has a fresher, energetic vibe at first spritz; the fruitiness of Chance Eau Tendre is tempered by rose and jasmine while Chance Eau Vive is an upbeat floral thanks to grapefruit, blood orange and a heart of jasmine.

Chance Perfume Pencil, €75, Chanel

Consider us, sold. 

Main image by Chanel 

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