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Just Add Mistletoe: How To Prep, Prime And Plump For The Most Kissable of Pouts

Keep your lips in tip-top condition with these formulas.

Pucker up!

Flaky, cracked, itchy, tight — all words you don't want to hear when describing lips, but very likely come this time of year. 

Our lips take quite the beating in the cooler weather, so if getting 'caught' under the mistletoe is part of your big Christmas plan, then for the love of all that is festive, at least make sure you're prepared. 

Genny, AW '19. 

Instead of licking your lips in a futile attempt to quench their thirst (or look sexy for special someone), try the below tips for a shinier, smoother, and more kissable pout. 

The Prep 

Due to its thinness, the skin on our lips is especially prone to becoming dry and dehydrated in the chillier months, so some extra TLC is important. Before bed, try to get in the habit of regularly (and gently) exfoliating with a lip scrub and then applying a generous amount of your favourite lip to sleep in – boosting hydration overnight. 

If you do use retinol or a vitamin A skincare product in your nighttime routine, be well sure to avoid the lip area, which can dry them out quite quickly. 


Lip Exfoliator, €28, Ilia – SHOP 

The Prime

Much like the skin on your face, if you give your lips a little more care and attention, you'll see real results. Lip treatment masks are a great way to plump, hydrate and refine texture, and whether you choose an overnight version or one that you use the same as your favourite sheet mask, we promise they'll make the burden of dry, chapped lips become a distant memory. 


Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Lip Mask (pack of 2), €10.45, Starskin DreamKiss  – SHOP 

The Plump 

To temporarily enlarge the look of your lips, choose plumping products that contain hyaluronic acid or vasodilators - which increase the blood circulation in lips, causing blood to essentially rush to the lips and therefore, making them look fuller. 


Hyaluronic Marine Collagen Lip Cushion, €38, Dr Dennis Gross – SHOP 

The Pout 

Even the most basic lip gloss on the market will give your pucker a plumped-up look thanks to its thick, shiny nature, but if you want to double what Mother Nature gave you, try a gloss that reacts with your personal chemistry to turn lips your own custom shade of blush. 

O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper, €23, Smashbox – SHOP 

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