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I've Tried Countless Eye-Creams, But I Always Come Back To This Cult Product

I'm now a believer.

Dark circles? Don't know her.

Not the lack of sleep (she wears makeup to bed), not distance (she has spent her life globe-trotting between Ibiza, the UK and the rest of the world), and certainly not the pressure she has created for herself by way of celebrity make-up artist status throughout her formidable career.

Hailing from a family where creativity was most admired (her mother, Patsy Tilbury, is a producer in fashion and film, and her father Lance Tilbury, is an artist who passed on his teachings on form, shading, and light) her father’s emphasis on priming a canvas inspired her to create her first and bestselling product, Magic Cream. 

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“It came about when I worked backstage with models who were exhausted," she tells Prestige

"They’d have flared up skin from flying in from New York, Paris, and London doing 60 fashion shows. I needed a cream that would turn skin around not in 28 days, but 28 seconds.”

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 YOUR SKINCARE REMINDER!  Darlings, I always say, to have a beautiful painting you need to have a beautiful canvas! Keep your skin GLOWING during the week with my SUPERCHARGED skincare products, formulated with MAGIC ingredients to give you the best-looking COMPLEXION of your life! #Regram @glowhappiness_beauty. From top to bottom: Magic Eye Rescue - helps revitalise, reinvigorate and refresh the appearance of your under-eye area. Charlotte’s Magic Cream – my award-winning, best-selling moisturiser for gorgeous, glowing skin. Magic Night Cream – created with a supercharged formula to moisturise your skin and smooth your complexion as you sleep. 朗Multi Miracle Glow - a cleanser, overnight mask and SOS balm for fresher, more youthful-looking skin! - - #CharlotteTilbury #Skincare #MagicEyeRescue #MagicCream #MagicNightCream #MultiMiracleGlow

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Tilbury began mixing up a cream herself backstage. The models loved it, and so did the crowds.

It was sold out in six minutes during its North American launch. Today, everyone from bankers to Hollywood celebrities uses it around the world. 

The product itself – which comes in three iterations: Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Cream – is based on Charlotte's original backstage formula, that she used to give supermodels their glow; thick and indulgent, giving tired skin maximum hydration.

I use it religiously when applying a foundation base.

The eye cream version, however, is most certainly my favourite. I have a troubled belief system when it comes to eye cream, having never really believed in it and considered it more a gimmick than anything else. 

But, people change. And I most certainly have. This product now never leaves my nightstand. 

What sets it apart from the original is that it contains a mix of botanicals that reduce puffiness and dark circles. 

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️ MAGIC EYE RESCUE ️ Darlings, this #MAGICMONDAY I want to put a SPARKLE in your EYES! Glide on this SUMPTUOUS formula, bursting with invigorating ingredients and prepare to revitalise your under-eye area! Did you know *100% of users agree their skin looks and feels significantly smoother after using?! ⭐ What makes it MAGIC? ⭐  Shea Butter – super nourishing for the skin and loaded with natural vitamins and fatty acids  Beeswax – a rich, smooth texture that softens the under-eye skin ️ Botanical Eye Contour Treatment Complex – specially purified soy and rice peptides reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. ⏱️ Time release Retinol - for a softer, smoother, aesthetic appearance to the skin. *30 women tested over 8 week. - - #MagicMonday #MagicEyeRescue #EyeCream #Skincare #Retinol #Brighten

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And it looks like I'm not the only one who has hit obsession status; Charlotte's Magic Cream shifted a staggering 274,018 units in 2019 alone, with celebrities including Sienna Miller and Gigi Hadid heralding it as one of their favourites. 

Online reviews (often the most telling format) are also almost universally effusive, with many mentioning how the product remains kind to sensitivities while also providing effective fine-line reduction. 

However, the only way you can judge is for yourself –– find all things Charlotte Tilbury on Brown Thomas' website here. 

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