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You Hate To See It – Strip Highlights Are Making A Comeback

We cannot allow to this happen.

Yet another '90s trend making the comeback...that nobody asked for. 

There's a lot of different '90s trends have popped up all over the fashion and beauty world in the past year. There's been everything from the bowl cut to butterfly clips to dad runners all making a comeback. But the latest is best kept locked shut in a vault forevermore. 

No, we're not talking about ultra-skinny brows or frosted lipstick. Unfortunately, we're talking about chunky blonde highlights. The two-toned style featured highlights that basically just looked like big stripes in the hair. Most popular was the light on dark, which everyone from Mary Kate and Ashley to Kelly Clarkson all rocked.

While you would be right in thinking that the trend died among the beauty pages of Bliss and Shout (RIP), it appears stars like Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian have helped modernise the look.

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Like all the biggest hair trends of the year, the rebirth of the chunky highlight took place on Instagram. We've seen some colourists move away from the seamless blending techniques synonymous with flowing balayage and gravitate toward a style that's a lot more...obvious. No, this isn't Nick Carter's seriously stripy curtain bangs or Buffy's streaky layers. This time around, chunky highlights have undergone a handful of modern twists: The colour isn't brassy, dyed sections are no smaller than finger width, nothing is too close to the root or zebra-esque, and hair is all one blunt length.

While most trends bring smiles of nostalgia, this one is a little different. There's a whole lot of feels to be felt about the chunk highlights look. People are completely torn over the '90s trend, but there's no in-between. Either you completely love it or you hate it.

And I for one, completely hate it. 

Main image by @andrewfitzsimons on Instagram

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