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Everything This Aesthetician Uses In Her Skincare Routine – Including a €4 Hero Product

If you've ever wanted to peer inside the bathroom cabinets of the cream of the skincare crop you're in luck: Irish Tatler asked Dublin's premier skin specialist to lift the lid on what she really uses.

We all find ourselves wondering what our beauty heroes slap on their faces every morning and night. 

So, for any skincare enthusiasts out there, this might be a dream come true. 

Especially considering that while shoppers spend on average, 45-90 minutes choosing a product, 55% of them still say they're dissatisfied with the end result – why not take a look at what works for those in the know?

This is why we asked Dublin-based skincare specialist Ciara Darcy to divulge in what cuts the mustard when it comes to her skincare routine. 

Pencils at the ready...

"I used to have a cabinet full (it's only a shelf now) of different brands of skincare products, loyalty to none and no major results with any because I wasn't consistent," Ciara reveals. 

"Half-used bottles and the fear of overspending in Boots. Over the last two years, I've invested and paired it back. I got into a quick, easy daily routine. It took a couple of months to see a change in my skin, but it's been so worth the commitment. Not having to look at half-used products lying around is a joy!

"My morning routine – which I pay for in full – consists of: 

  • Alumier Acne Clarifying Face Wash – This is needed to keep my pores clear. My skin gets spotty when I don't use it, especially around my chin and my forehead.
  • Alumier Everactive C&E Serum 15% L-Ascorbic Acid – This strengthens, brightens and reduces inflammation. Pricey at €189, but that's for a three month supply.
  • Alumier Clear Shield SPF – This doubles up as your moisturiser too. It has microencapsulated hyaluronic acid, meaning it's drip-fed into your skin over eight hours.
  • HEV protection – This is a must unless you never use a phone, laptop or watch TV. HEV exposure can lead to damaged skin cells creating inflammation and impaired healing. When I apply it, it disappears instantly works really well under my makeup.

"And my evening routine is as follows:

  • Garnier Express 2in1 Eye Makeup Remover – For the fastest removal of mascara and the least panda like eyes.
  • Alumier HydraBoost Cleanser – This feels amazing, whips off my makeup, smells divine.
  • Alumier 0.5% Retinol – I use this every second night to boost collagen production and aid exfoliation. I started with 0.25% and used that for a year, your skin needs to adjust to retinol depending on the brand and concentration.
  • Alumier Alumineye Cream
  • Three times a week I use Alumier Bright and Clear Liquid Exfoliator 
  • Once a week Seoulista Super Hydration Sheet Mask
  • Jade Roller after a night out!
  • Every four-six weeks I usually do a micro-needling session or a peel on myself, too."

You heard it here first. Edit your bathroom shelves accordingly.

Main image by @winnieharlow

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