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Warm, Winter Perfumes For Maximum Coziness

Spray your way to those warm, fuzzy feelings

The olfactory equivalent of a cashmere sweater. 

The recent change in season has confirmed one thing to us here at Irish Tatler HQ, we Celts are NOT made for summer.

Autumn is our time:  energy levels piquing with the slight drop in temperature, the extra layers suiting us sartorially and quite frankly, we're melting into a puddle of holiday-tinged sap when presented with anything remotely festive. 

There's so much about this time of year that's nostalgic - the chill in the air, the sound of leaves crunching, the ever-questionable pumpkin-spiced everything, but nothing sends us packing down memory lane like a fragrance or perfume. 

Emotional Link 

Of course, this must be what perfumers have in mind when they name a scent 'Whispers in the Library', 'L'Eau d'Hiver' or 'Soleil Niege' – which respectively translate as 'Winter Water' and ‘Sun Snow’. They're banking on triggering an immediate emotional connection to a time/place (real or imaginary), when/where you felt especially alive, relaxed, happy, in love, etc.

At this time of year, spritzing yourself each morning with a brooding fragrance is like wrapping yourself in an old cashmere scarf or lacing up a pair of well-loved (read worn) boots... and if you have none of the aforementioned, it's time to start working on that Santa letter! 

Scroll on for our cold-weather scent suggestions for the person who likes to live well and warmly. 

Rose & Cuir EDP, Frederic Malle 

Rose & Cuir was created by the acclaimed French nose Jean-Claude Ellena for the famed fragrance house and despite what its name might suggest, there's nothing old-lady about this scent. Layered and complex, it features a gentle earthy note that's reminiscent of leather, while vetiver and spicy pepper lending the perfume an altogether tougher element


Soleil Neige EDP, Tom Ford 

Created to mimic the shimmer of sun on crisp white snow, with notes of bergamot and carrot seed, this scent is almost minty it's so fresh! The dry down is creamy, musky vanilla with added amber which adds a certain cosiness reminiscent of sitting around a warm log fire.


Amber EDT, Laboratory Perfumes 

This perfume errs on the side of masculine, with the initial green notes drying down into something that’s much smokier, sexy and sophisticated. It really does linger for hours, it’s not overly sweet and there’s added spicy notes that give it a serious edge. Coming soon to Brown Thomas. 


34 Boulevard Germain, Diptyque

Developed around a chypre backbone, fresh pink berries brighten the velvety sandalwood and vanilla at the centre of this woodsy fragrance like natural light filtering through a dim room — specifically, the softly-lit, wood-panelled interior of the original Diptyque boutique at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, which this new eau de parfum is inspired by.


You, Glossier 

Please be advised that the formula comes incomplete; You are the first ingredient. Instead of trying to mask your natural scent, this perfume works to heighten it, musk and all. The results: a clean, warm, addictive scent that you’ll want to linger in well into the New Year. 


Another 13, Le Labo 

First launched in 2010 as a limited-edition collaboration between Le Labo and AnOther magazine with the inspiration being the smell of fresh magazine paper, the main note in this familiar, in a can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it kind of way, is ambroxan, a synthetic musk with a woody, creamy smell that’s intriguing and interesting. 


Main image: Instagram: @katherine.alicias

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