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Do You Really Need To Be Using Eye Cream? A Skincare Expert Weighs In

PLUS: How and when you should apply it...

If you invest in one new skincare product this season, let it be eye cream. 

Once upon a time, you washed your face, slathered on some moisturiser and applied SPF on particularly sunny days. Now, your typical skincare routine consists of multiple creams, serums, peels, toners and masks. Your bathroom cabinet which was once reserved for medicine is now overflowing with more skincare products than you know what to do with it.

While some of the products in your vanity are there purely for aesthetics reasons and others are kept for emergencies, there is one product you find yourself hemming and hawing over: eye cream.  

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Depending on who you ask, eye cream is either an essential step in your skincare routine or nothing but a clever marketing scam. And, in recent months with skincare routines multiplying to make use of all that free time you had, you may now be asking do we really need to make room for a separate targeted eye treatment? 

One man firmly on Team Eye Cream is Bobbi Brown's senior pro artist, Warren Dowdall. "Incorporating an eye cream into your daily skincare routine can help minimise the appearance of wrinkles as well as tackle other skin concerns like dryness, puffiness, dark circles and pigmentation," he says. The reason being, "the skin under our eyes behaves a little differently to the skin elsewhere on our face- it’s naturally thinner and more fragile- this means it’s normally the first area of the face to show signs of tiredness, and visible fine lines."

While yes, you could just use the targeting serum or moisturiser you already own and bring it up to the eye area to treat these issues – you shouldn't. "Eye creams specifically tackle to reduce these concerns but are also formulated to be more gentle than typical facial moisturisers, using concentrations of ingredients that will maximise results but minimise the risk of irritation on the delicate undereye skin," explains Dowdall. "This is also why the majority of facial serums and face creams will say 'Avoid Eye Area' as they haven’t necessarily been created for use around the eye."

But, note the use of the word ‘reduce’. One of the main reasons for eye cream’s divisive reputation is misleading marketing claims that over-promise and under deliver. And, as well as praising it’s benefits, it’s important to note its limitations, too. "It’s easier to prevent signs of ageing rather than correcting them," says Dowdall.  "I recommend investing in an eye cream and adding it into your routine when you are starting your 20's." 

That said, it's never too late to start incorporating an eye cream into your daily skincare routine. Not only can it help to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but it can also tackle other skin concerns like dryness, puffiness, dark circles and pigmentation. And the sooner you start using one, the better. 

"Fitting your eye cream into your routine is really easy and takes seconds," tells Dowdall. "You should always apply your eye cream just before your moisturiser. Remember eye cream should be used twice daily – as part of both your morning and evening routines to see the best results." Similar to serums, eye creams need to be clear of barriers to really penetrate the skin so ensure you apply eye cream before your moisturiser and SPF. Eye creams are super concentrated, so a rice grain-size amount is all you need for both eyes. "Using your ring finger – this finger has the lightest padding so will be the most gentle – tap gently around the orbital bone under the eye for the perfect base for concealer. At night time you can bring your eye cream around the brow bone also to help strengthen the skin,” advises Dowdall.

Still not convinced? Cue Bobbi Brown's new Vitamin Enriched Eye Base. Inspired by its cult-favourite Vitamin Enriched Face Base, this is somewhat of an eye cream/primer hybrid. Unlike some heavy eye creams that tend to be greasy and sit on top of the skin particularly around areas with fine line, the vitamin-enriched eye base is lightweight, rich in ingredients, and formulated to penetrate the skin deeper. Key ingredients include caffeine that helps awaken and re-energize the eyes, while the hyaluronic acid boosts the skin’s moisture level around the delicate area of the eye. Additionally, the cream contains Vitamin B, C and E, which work together to brighten your complexion, as well as treat and nourish the undereye skin from external aggressors. What's more, it also acts as a primer as it creates a smooth canvas for layering correctors and concealers while also brightening the eye area thus making your eyeshadow really pop.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Eye Base, €42.30, BUY IT HERE.

Main image by Bobbi Brown

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