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The Skin Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making, According To This Expert Clinic

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Ignorance isn't always bliss, especially not when it comes to your face. 

While we do our best to learn from those around us, read up about new ingredients and treat our skin in the best way we know how, sometimes, we could be doing the very opposite of what our face actually needs. 

Expert skin clinics and dermatologists treat patients on a daily basis who initially, might have thought they were doing the right thing. From over-exfoliation, sunscreen slips to DIY disasters – you name it; they’ve seen it. 

Monica Tolan's multi-award-winning clinics (Balbriggan and Malahide) have been setting the standard in skincare for over 40 years and the team prides themselves in continuous innovation through results-driven treatments and products.

Working closely with various skin conditions like eczema, rosacea and acne, Monica Tolan's ethos is to help clients without any medical intervention. Brides too, seek out their services in preparation for the Big Day. 

We spoke to Corinna Tolan, director and practitioner at their Malahide clinic, to tell us more about the detrimental skin mistakes she sees day after day... 

Scroll on for the skin mistakes you too might be making.


One of the single biggest issues she sees coming through the door at Monica Tolan's clinic in Malahide is over-exfoliation, via regular use of harsh cleansers, stipping toners and rough scrubs. 

Gentle exfoliation is advised and can be beneficial to the skin, but Corinna advises not overdoing it, as aggressive exfoliation leads to stripping the skin of its natural oils, causing inflammation and worsening skin woes such as redness, rosacea and ageing. 

Acid Attack 

Next up on Corinna's bold list aren't necessarily acids, but rather, the overuse of them. With so many varieties of acids available to buy from our favourite skincare ranges, it's so easy to mix and overlap without even realising it. 

Glycolic, salicylic, vitamin C and retinol - depending on their strength and concentrations, it can be the case that your skin needs to gradually build up a tolerance to these actives and being foolhardy in their use can cause more damage than good. 

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Sunscreen Slips

While more of us are making a conscious effort to include SPFs in our daily routines, the amount we're applying is of equal importance.

Most people apply about a quarter of the amount of sunscreen that they are supposed to use in order to get the SPF indicated on the product and without it, you will not get the level of protection you think you are getting. 

Mirror Mirror 

Lastly, but certainly not least, Corrina warns about the threat of the magnifying mirror and our need to excessively squeeze and pick at our skin. It might be our largest organ, but in places, the upper layers can be super delicate and scarring is a high risk.

Pores on our noses and through the centre of our faces are normally larger, which allows for their contents - ie. sebaceous filament, a grey, waxy material - to be more visible. They're not all blackheads and therefore, don't need 'extracting'. 

For more info on these easy mistakes or to have your skin assessed by Monica Tolan's expert team, visit and follow @monicatolanbeauty on Instagram and Monica Tolan on Youtube to see all our latest video content from Corinna, with the latest tips and advice.

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