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6 Steps To Beautiful, Glowing Summer Skin (Before You Hit The Beach)

Say hello to gorgeous skin – in just a few simple steps!

Say hello gorgeous skin – in a few simple steps.

Nothing says confidence like beautiful skin. We want ours to look it's very best all year, but we’re also conscious that we’ll have more of it on show once the summer rolls around. Who doesn’t want their skin to look dewy – albeit with an oil-free shine! – as we soak up the sun?

Great skin is about going back to basics, treating it with TLC and importantly, using the right products, according to skin expert Dr Ellie Bradley.

Below she shares her six skin secrets from the Boots YourGoodSkin range to ensure yours will glow – even when the sun goes down. 

Step 1: Use the right ingredients  

"The key is to look for ingredients that help support the skin barrier – this barrier helps control water levels and keeps skin moisturised and hydrated," Dr Bradley explains. "In the YourGoodSkin range, we use Japanese Lily Turf, a nutrient-rich plant extract which helps strengthen and support this skin barrier. This ingredient can be found in the YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate, the Instant Dryness Rescue and the Cica Repair Sleep Paste."

Cica Repair Sleep Paste, €15.99, YourGoodSkin

Step 2: Choose your products wisely 

"YourGoodSkin is all about helping people have more good skin days through restoring and maintaining the skin’s natural balance. Through targeting skin imbalance, the range helps skin cope better with the stressors life throws at us. It goes back to key ingredients found in the range, which includes powerful antioxidants green tea and vitamin C, as well as the Lily Turf and Sphingony to help reduce excess oil."

Step 3: … and remember, it’s all about balance!

"Radiance is one of the key signs of healthy-looking skin. Therefore re-balancing the skin can help make the skin look more radiant. The YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate contains a blend of ingredients specifically designed to help re-balance the skin, including skin brightener vitamin C and green tea, clinically proven to improve radiance and help even out the skin’s texture."

Balancing Skin Concentrate, €31.99, YourGoodSkin

Step 4: You need to be mindful of excess oil

"And because we want a dewy glow as opposed to one which is oil-based, the best way to treat skin oiliness is to reduce excess oil on the skin surface," Dr Bradley continues. "This could be done by reducing excess oil production. To remove excess oil, use a gentle cleanser twice daily – careful though, using too harsh a cleanser can damage the skin barrier."

Step 5: Switch up your skin routine for summer

"Prone to oil? You may want to think about adding an additional product to your regime that is specifically targeted to oiliness, such as the YourGoodSkin Anti-Shine Base Lotion. The right cleanser will help this too; the YourGoodSkin Refreshing Face Wash is a hero product."

"And as you are also exposed to more sunlight in the summer months, a high SPF of 30+ should be used – even when you’re not in direct sun."

"If you have sensitive skin, the YourGoodSkin SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream is ideal – and oil-free, too!"

 SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream, €9.99, YourGoodSkin

Step 6: Your skin’s needs are as important as night and day

"One area people can forget about is having a night time regime. The YourGoodSkin Cica Repair Sleep Paste is a new clinically proven overnight paste designed to be applied at night (to cleansed skin) and left to soak in overnight.

Your skin will love it; it combines the hero restorer Centella Asiatica along with antioxidants green tea and vitamin C. You should see results straight away; it will deliver visible benefits to the healthy appearance of your skin from the very first use, and will also increase skin barrier strength and resilience if used twice weekly." 

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