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How To Better Your Brows From Home, According To Dublin's Most In-Demand Brow Artist

Wondering how to make the best of your brows while staying at home? Listen up, we've got an expert in.

Kim O'Sullivan's Fitzwilliam Street salon is regularly home to some of Ireland's most beautiful elite. Famous for creating beautifully natural arches, Kim is now sharing with Irish Tatler how we can make the best of our brows from home.

Eyebrows have an impact on your entire face. They accentuate bone structure, detract from dark circles and other imperfections in the skin and frame one's face to complete a full picture.

Since the dawn of Cara Delevingne, never-before-seen brow 'trends' hit the beauty world with aplomb – for better or for worse. While we seem to (thankfully) be getting better at learning what brow shapes suit our face, experts have also been learning more, too.

Which is exactly why we got the woman behind some of your favourite brows – Joanna Cooper, Lynn Kelly and every other beautiful face in Dublin – to give us the skinny on what we should do with our lot while we stay at home. 

Kim O'Sullivan's of The Dublin Make Up Academy's Best Brow Tips

What’s the quickest way to grow sparse and overplucked brows?

"Simply do not touch them and allow a professional to do all the work," she says. "Ditch the tweezers and visit your chosen brow artist every 6-8 weeks."

Is it better to wax, thread or pluck?

"Before deciding on how best to remove the hair, we would consult with each client to discuss and explore their skincare regime to see what suits best. With certain products, waxing can't be done for example.

"And, it also depends on what look we want to achieve. Some like the deconstructed brow – one which doesn’t have crisp, sharp lines – so, in that instance, we might just thread or tweeze."

How can I mimic hairs that I don’t have?

"So, for this, there are two options. The short term option is to opt for a product like Glossier's Brow Flick. It's a pen that allows you to draw on hair-like strokes at ease. 

"The long term option is perhaps to consider Phibrows. This is the most transformational treatment for those who have over-plucked or lost hair as a result of stress, chemotherapy or menopause for example. It's a semi-permanent microblading treatment that lasts 12-18 months. There is no other microblading treatment that will deliver results quite like it – a result that boasts hair strokes that are so hyper-realistic and blend perfectly with the natural landscape of the brow.

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"We use vegan pigments which we custom blend to achieve the most perfect colour match. The shape is determined using the golden ratio which measures the morphology/bone structure of the face to create a shape entirely bespoke to each individual."

How do I keep my brows in good condition?

"Use castor oil daily or nightly to nourish the hairs."

Should I use a brow pencil, a powder or a gel?

"For those who like a soft understated brow, I always recommend a pencil or powder. For those who like a structured/carved brow, I would suggest a gel. In our salon, we always educate each client on the best product for them specifically and exactly how to fill in their brows with ease at home.

"And it’s always important to remember, brows should never be the first thing you see or notice, they should never be a feature, rather they should enhance your features."

To check out more of Kim's work or to find out more information about a brow do-over, check out The Dublin Make-Up Academy's Instagram here

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