2019 is the year of the Miller. 

Bonafide fashion darling Ezra Miller is no stranger to taking sartorial risks. 

From his unforgettable floor-length Moncler x Pierpaolo Piccioli floor-length puffa to his white feathered poncho with tailored white trousers (plus a gilded hairdo that was for the gods), Miller has developed a sense of red-carpet style that has fashion editors wanting more. 

His experimental style is one to be lauded in a time where toxic masculinity rings true.

On days when the male ego appears more cumbersome, or the crippling statistics of the gender pay gap come back to haunt you – revel in the fact that Hollywood's hottest pieces of male property no longer conforms to gender norms.

And, it appears that his experimental spirit veers towards beauty, too.

The Fantastic Beasts actor attended the Saint Laurent Fall 2019 runway show during Paris Fashion Week and undeniably stole the show when he stepped out in a bold makeup moment that made the case for men in lipstick. 

Sitting front row, Miller exuded Saint Laurent grunge-chic in sleek heeled boots and a feathery coat.

The standout accent, though, was the cherry red colour applied to his lips, the only splash of makeup on his otherwise bare face.

What a time to be alive. 

The move, however, conjured up a much larger conversation that deserves consideration: why are men in makeup still a shocking or unusual sight?

With the introduction of make make up brands by fashion houses like Chanel, why is it that painted males cause such consternation? 

If you can't see it, you can't be it – and with trailblazers like Miller on the charge, we're certain than more of his like will come forward, living their best looks.

Not only does Miller's eccentric style pave the way for the left-of-centre children of the future, but the 26-year-old also recently came out as queer (non-binary, non-gendered, pan-sexual) – showing everyone that sexuality definition is so last year. 

The take away from the actor's looks?

Don't be afraid. Life is short. 

While life may categorically easier with a jawline that could cut bread – the Miller mantra is simple.

Wear what you want to wear. And let your joie de vivre do the talking. 

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