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Sound The Alarm: A Fenty Beauty Brow Product Is Coming

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Another week, another Fenty Beauty launch...we're not complaining

Sometimes we find ourselves wondering how the inside of our makeup bag would look if Fenty Beauty had never been born. Obviously, a lot emptier, and considerably worse.

Rihanna - who can respectfully be considered nothing short of a goddess - has built Fenty Beauty into the cult company they are today, in only a few years. And now with the recent launch of Fenty Beauty in Boots, we reckon it'd be hard to find someone who owns not a single Fenty Beauty product (speak now or forever hold your peace).

Hot on the heels of launching a brand-new foundation formula (a full 50 shades of it, no less) and designing and photographing her latest ready-to-wear drop, it looks like yet another exciting launch is coming our way as Fenty Beauty is gearing up to enter a new product category: Brows.

A little birdy over on Twitter named Christelle (@fentibetter) captured footage from Sephora's Store Leadership Conference held in Las Vegas recently where Rihanna made a surprise appearance to reveal Fenty Beauty newest launch.

"I was not gonna come all the way to Vegas empty-handed," Rihanna says in the video, wearing a shiny lavender pantsuit. "So we're gonna give you guys an exclusive sneak peek of one of the next products coming out - the very next product coming out."

The always reliable makeup news account, Trendmood confirmed the news in an Instagram post. 

Get ready for the Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler. Being that it's Fenty Beauty we're talking about here, the pencil will include an inclusive shade range: 14 shades to be exact, which, in the world of brows, is quite a rarity. Most notably, we can see a handful of red shades, which tend to be overlooked by other brands.

While Fenty Beauty has yet to make an official announcement, Rihanna confirmed at yesterday's conference that the launch will be hitting Sephora on August 23 so fingers crossed it won't be long before it reaches Irish shores. 

Main image by Allure

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