Sun, sea and scents.

Sun, sea and scents. Instagram: @lucywilliams

The best summer scents are those that call to mind a mix of holiday romances, regrettable tan lines and creamy sun-care. Those that immediately fill you with the heady pleasure of coming back from the beach, showering off the sand and lotioning up sun-kissed skin before dinner. A sense of excitement that's almost carnal. So very fitting then, that Frédéric Malle and his legion of elite perfumers might extend their best-selling Carnal Flower fragrance to the ultimate summer-weight formulation; a scented after sun balm! 

Perfumed Hydration 

One of the most sensual fragrances in the niche perfume market, Carnal Flower contains more concentration of natural Indian Tuberose Absolute than any. And as higher temperatures tend to cause scent molecules to evaporate steadily from the skin, making them smell stronger, this silky Baume Apres Soleil gives off all of the same 'flower-shop freshness, camphorous violence - spicy and animalic - and milky sweetness' as the original. If not more. 

Tuberose bathed in sunlight

The origin of a name. #carnalflower #dominiqueropion #fredericmalle

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When the mercury's rising and there's heat of all kinds in the air, opting for this fresh feeling after-sun balm, that combines the slow diffusion of perfume with intense skin hydration, will satiate all your needs. Well, almost all of them. 

FREDERIC MALLE's Carnal Flower After Sun, €65, Brown Thomas

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