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Glossier's New Drop is a Double Whammy

Skin is in.

The most requested product by the brand thus far. 

Glossier has always stuck by the mantra of ‘skin first, makeup second’ but from the introduction of Glossier Play to their extended makeup shade ranges released earlier this year, cosmetics have been seemingly high on the agenda of Emily Weiss' brand in 2019. 

However, it seems that the cosmetics brand is springing forward into skin care once more with the arrival of Glossier’s most sought after skin care product yet.

Bubblewrap, €27 for 22ml, is the community-led brand’s first eye cream that also doubles as a lip treatment.

The nifty duo product is made up of hyaluronic acid and avocado oil among others and aims to target the thin and movable skin around your eyes and lips. 

Hence the name Bubblewrap - it’s a bit of day to day padding for the most vulnerable bits of your face.

"These are the facts: The skin around your eyes (and lips, actually) is thinner and more fragile than the rest of the skin on your face—and delicate skin deserves its own white glove, first class, “Handle with care” kind of treatment," according to the brand's website. 

"Enter Bubblewrap, our one-of-a-kind eye + lip plumping cream, specifically formulated to give these two zones the moisture and protection they require."

"We have always had an ear to the ground with our community and eye cream has been the number one requested product to date,” explained Melissa Souto, Glossier's Director of Product Marketing & Development.

“It’s been two years in development to get to what a Glossier eye cream should look and feel like. It had to have everything you would expect from a Glossier product; a fun name, the look, the results and the texture.”

Testers rate it pretty highly, with an increase in lip hydration of 91% of participants within two hours of application. As well as this, 94% said their eye area felt more moisturised immediately.

Bubblewrap will be joined by Glossier's new and improved Super Serums in May, solidifying the brand's mantra as 'skincare first, skincare always'.

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