Glossier is getting milkier.

Following the success of the millennial-geared brand's previous cleanser drop Milky Jelly, the brand is launching a new milk/oil hybrid, with the aim of deep-cleaning your face as well as removing every inch of slap.

The new Milky Oil product is a cleanser in oil form, designed to help you clean and thoroughly remove makeup. It’s made with the same moisturizing vitamins too as Milky Jelly and shouldn’t leave a weird film or texture on your skin.

The Milky Oil seems like it offers a deeper clean, using a combination of micellar water and oil for maximum cleansing power.

It appears to combine the phenomenon of double-cleansing into one step, by melting dirt, make-up and city grime from your face, without stripping it of natural oils or any other good stuff. 

The bottle it comes in is designed to be utterly spill-proof, meaning that it's easy to squeeze out just as much of the product as you may need.

Just shake up the bottle, squeeze some onto a washcloth/cleanser sheet or something equivalent and swipe. The formula starts working immediately to gently lift off and melt away long-wearing and waterproof makeup, without any rubbing or tugging on skin.

No greasiness, no stickiness, all joy. Get yours here

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