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Hailey Bieber Makes A Case For Neon Hair


In a time when shock celebrity hair changes are ten-a-penny, newlywed-of-the-moment Hailey Bieber has taken it one step further and jumped on the neon train that's currently engorging the fashion scene.

Tuesday night saw Hailey post a captionless picture of her Adidas campaign to her Instagram stories with a definitively different hairstyle: a highlighter-yellow bob.

In the photo is Hailey’s hairstylist Florido of Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles, who also posted a video of the neon creation to his Insta Stories, writing “Fucked some shit up today” amidst footage of a hair-covered floor.

Considering that Hailey's girl-next-door hair is legendary in highlighting circles and given the fact that Hollywood is very much embracing the Power Of The Wig (thank you, Kylie Jenner) we're going to assume that this barnet is slip-on – and a very tempting one, at that. 

In fact, in another post from the shoot, we see the newly minted Bieber sport a Malfoy-esque crop – which we're also assuming is another wig at work, but we could easily be fooled. 

However, once again – due to the shining beauty of her highlighted locks, we're assuming that false hair is at play here. 

More power to her.

But, considering how much she makes a play for turmeric-coloured locks – we're foreseeing this as the festival hair colour of the season.

Scoot over, peach. 

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