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The longest hair and zero cares.... instagram: @belenhostalet

Trialling out longer locks for summer or hoping to keep your wedding hair extensions well into your honeymoon? We asked the experts at Great Lengths (the Rolls Royce of hair extensions) to answer all of our burning questions on  maintaining your extensions come humidity, sand and sea.... 


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Can you swim with hair extensions? 

There's nothing like refreshing dip while on hols, but chlorine in swimming pools can rob your hair of moisture and alter the natural PH balance of your scalp, causing flaky skin and dry, damaged hairSalty sea water can equally cause tangles and knots, so swimming and extensions aren't exactly besties.... 

There are steps you can take to minimise damage though... 

- Don't dip for too long, the longer you stay in the water, the added weight can start wearing down the bonds or tapes, compromising their lifespan. Try hair in a high pony or plait too. 

- Rinsing your hair to remove excess chlorine and salt immediately after a swim can really help to keep your hair looking soft and shiny. It's also so important to detangle your hair after swimming, with a paddle brush, to prevent matting. 

- Restore PH levels after a day of swimming and sunbathing by using a product that re-infuses the scalp and hair with any lost moisture, such as Great Lengths’ Anti Tap Water and CONDITION hard

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How can I protect my extensions from the sun? 

Firstly, using a UV defence spray will really help protect both your own hair and the extensions, but keep it away from your bonds to prevent slipping. 

Wearing a hat or head-scarf while out and about on holiday, will also protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays, and can help minimise the natural lightening effect that happens to coloured hair in sunlight


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What styling options do I have, in terms of humidity? 

No one wants to spend too much time taming their locks in the heat, so to keep frizz to a minimum, opt for a water-based serum through the lengths

Holidays are the perfect time to embrace your hair's natural texture, so let your waves or curls go a little wild in the heat and rock that 'undone' look. 

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Top Tips from Creative and Education for Great Lengths, Louise Jenkins.... 

“When we go on holiday, we tend to pay attention to our skin, protecting it at all costs, but we all too often neglect our hair, which is also prone to damage in hot, humid and wet conditions. Make sure to pack the right products for your hair and use a sun protector when out and about in the heat. Chemicals like chlorine remove the moisture from your hair, and won’t keep your extensions looking their best. Also, don't forget to pack your prescribed Great Lengths products when you go on holiday, as they'll will provide some much needed TLC to thirsty hair!" 

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