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So This Is How Long It Really Takes For Skincare Products To Deliver Results

Sometimes, it pays to be patient.

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However, it's been eight long weeks since we first embraced our new working from home lifestyles and somehow despite finding more time for our skincare, our faces are only getting worse. Why? Well, it could be down to our stress and anxiety levels but it's also because you need to give skincare time to see results. Dabbing on a spot treatment with the expectation that your spot is going to disappear overnight, or slathering on a retinol cream in hopes your forehead wrinkles will fade in a few hours is pretty much setting yourself up for disappointment. The truth is that while you may want to get rid of your skincare issues quickly, most beauty products can't instantly transform your skin. But, that doesn't mean they're not working — you just need to have a little patience. 

Three months to be precise. 

As we discovered in our Live Beaty Helpline with Dawn Hill of Floraison last night, you really need to give your skincare products at least three months before you start seeing results. 

"After about six weeks, you should really start to see results but I always recommend going that bit further and giving your products three months to see results," said Hill. "I know that sounds like a long time but you need to give it time."

"If after three months you're not seeing any results - it's time to move on," Hill continued. "Similarly, if you saw results during the first six weeks and they then disappeared, try something new."

Establishing a solid, effective skincare routine takes patience and time. However, if you experience any issues while using a product, contact your dermatologist — it's always better to be safe rather than sorry. Or better yet, consult a skincare professional to help you build an effective routine right off the bat. 

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