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Sorry Makeup Fans, You've Been Cleaning Your Beauty Blender All Wrong

All you need is a sock, a hair tie and a washing machine.

Never use a dirty beauty blender again...

If you have a solid skin-care routine packed with toners, spot treatments, and oil-free moisturizers but still manage to end every day with a pimple, it's time to look for another culprit. Besides stress and hormones, one primary suspect could be your dirty makeup sponge. While the texture of those beloved, egg-shaped tools applies foundation, concealer, and even powder seamlessly, it can also easily hold a lot of pretty disgusting bacteria.

And even with this knowledge, we allow our beauty blenders to chill in its own spore-filled cesspool for months, caked in makeup and skin oils, and keep smashing it into our skin without ever taking the time to clean it. 

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The problem isn’t (always) that people are lazy bacteria-lovers, but that most people don’t actually know how to clean their Beauty Blenders. And sure, you can get soaps and cleansers and magical potions that you can buy for a hefty lump of cash, and yes, they will definitely help prolong the life of your sponge and yadda yadda yadda, but what if you don’t want to spend the money or go through the hassle, just to clean a sponge? Well, that’s where none other than cleaning guru, Mrs Hinch comes in. 

Yesterday, she took to Instagram to ask her trusted followers – all 3.1million of them – how to clean her beauty blenders and it seems many came to her rescue. She said on her story: "One of the most popular answers guys was: Pop the beauty blenders into an old sock, tie with a hairband and Chuck into the washing machine! So I'm gonna give it a go!"

It sounds so simple. It's like the classic hack of washing a sequinned top or dress by popping them in a pillowcase - why didn't we think of this? There's us leaving our beauty blenders to gather bacteria and dust until we inevitably bite the bullet and purchase a new one, when we could've just let the washing machine do the hard work for us.

To be honest, it was her big reveal of the blenders post-wash that was truly satisfying:

And because we’re dedicated to Serious Beauty Journalism, we'll be trying it as soon as we get home. Watch this space. 

Main image by @bilintinamakeup on Instagram

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