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Yes – You Should Be Cleaning Your Eyelash Curler, Here's How

It makes sense when you think about it.

Thankfully, it's pretty easy. 

I would die for a good eyelash curler - dramatic, I know. 

But a beauty tool that not only promises but actually delivers longer, fuller, curlier eyelashes deserves my life. Still, think I'm being dramatic? Fair, but an eyelash curler also holds the ability to make me look instantly awake when I'm far from it. 

But this morning as I rooted my eyelash curler from my makeup bag and clamped down on my eyelashes as though my long lashes depended on it, a question came to mind: should I be…washing this?

mean, I wash my brushes after every use (not bragging, it's my chronic case of OCD) so why have I never thought to clean my eyelash curler? 

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All it took was one hard look at my Kevin Aucoin curler for me to realise my wrongful ways. It was coated with mascara, eyeliner and any powdered cosmetics that it may have come in contact with. Not to mention the bacteria from my eyelashes, skin and/or makeup bag. 

Thankfully, it's far easier to clean an eyelash curler than you'd think.

You will first need a thing or two: 

Here are the steps: 

  1. Moisten a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and use it to clean any leftover makeup off the metal bar and rubber pad of the curler. 
  2.  Mix a few drops of washing up liquid in a bowl of water. Dampen the sheet of kitchen paper with the soapy water and wring the cloth out so it is damp, not dripping. 
  3. Wipe the entire eyelash curler and ensure to any makeup remover residue or remaining makeup left on the curler is completely gone
  4. Briefly run the eyelash curler under the skin to rinse off. Try not to let large amounts of water get in the metal joints. 
  5. Immediately pat the curler dry with a towel. If any makeup is transferred to the towel, repeat the process. 
  6. Be sure to replace the rubber pad on your curler every few months. If your eyelash curler does not have removable pads - be sure to replace the entire curler every few months also. 

Whatever you do, do not place your eyelash curler in a bowl of water or disinfect and leave to clean. This will cause your eyelash curler to rust. 

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