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We Didn't Ask For a Mini Washing Machine For Our Beauty Blenders...Yet Here We Are

Not just for kids.

More importantly, does it work?

If you thought beauty fridges were a step too far, then brace yourselves for the latest over-the-top beauty trend: putting your beauty blenders in a miniature washing machine. 

The internet can be a very strange place and right now, the beauty internet is collectively going wild over an Instagram tutorial by beauty blogger, Tiffany Lynette Davis, in which she uses a tiny washing machine to "clean" her beauty blender. We're talking suds, spin, cycle and more. 

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Available on Amazon for a mere €10, Davis originally ordered the device for her dollhouse. The adorable battery powered gadget can actually be filled with water and soap, and it has a spinner inside that turns on with the push of a button. It even has a cute little detachable hose that allows the dirty water to drain out.

But let's get one thing clear: this is a children's toy - one that is by no means meant for washing beauty blenders. Yet, here we are...losing our minds and clicking 'add to cart' for our own toy washing machine. 

In Davis' full YouTube tutorial, she fills the toy with water and “soap” (she uses GlamGlow’s GentleBubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser) and pops a dirty beauty blender in the machine. It then spins when she turns it on, then she drains the dirty water. Finally, she does a “rinse cycle” to reveal a much cleaner sponge.

Davis said she wouldn’t recommend this as a go-to method for regular cleanings, no matter how cute and ~extra~ it may be ― but light washes are fine.

“Would I recommend this for everyday use? No. Like I said, this is a toy. This is not a beauty blender or makeup sponge washer.”

But speaking of washing our beauty sponges, how should we be doing it? Well, like everything, the internet has some pretty strong opinions on this too. If you’re looking for more sanitary ways to clean your beauty blenders, below our three of our top tips and cleaning products to supplement their time in the spin cycle.

Caress it with some baby shampoo

Like the baby you never had. Or the baby you currently do have. Point is, treat it like a baby.

 Pop it in the microwave

If you're still hung up on the idea of using a machine to do your washing for you, use your microwave. Place in a bowl with water and some washing up liquid and microwave for 30 seconds. Just don’t go overboard and melt it, k?

Or just use the brand-approved Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser

It exists for a reason. 

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