Move Over Bangs, This Is The Latest Hair Trend Celebrities Are Attempting During Quarantine

If it's good enough for Ricky Martin...

At least this will wash out...

If you've been following the evolution of trends during the COVID-19 pandemic, you know that we've transcended from the initial stages of panic-buying hand sanitizer and toilet paper to cutting self-isolation fringes and baking banana bread. While those who panic buy continue to do so and those who bake banana bread have moved onto other recipes like chocolate chip cookies – those of us who have become stress hairdressers have a new trend to try: pink hair. 

With salons shut across the country, stir-crazy millennials are turning their bathroom sinks into makeshift bleach bowls, with the current stay-at-home measures inspiring an unexpected wave of bright-pink dye jobs. Celebrities like Dua Lipa and Ricky Martin (yes, you read that correctly) have taken what was once expertly bleached blonde hair and turned it into a pastel pink fantasy during self-isolation.

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And it's not that we want the pink hair trend to die. We don't. We like it. In fact, our very own staff writer, Jordan Mooney messaged our work group chat with the idea and was met with resounding "DO IT" from all of Team Tatler. It's more the fact pink hair has been an ongoing trend for years now. And typically, anything with the potential to veer whimsical or overly precious is cool for a season or two before it's promptly stomped out by something new. However, pink hair has proven to be fascinatingly resilient, ebbing and flowing in popularity, yes, but omnipresent all the same. Alas, despite the fact pink hair has had a lengthier moment than we anticipated, we certainly prefer dyeing your hair pink than taking a scissors to your hair.

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So we did what any beauty enthusiast would do and gathered our sources to find out which tints (because most of them are, indeed, temporary tints) our favourite celebrities are using. And for the most part, we were successful. (And when we weren't, we researched which products would gift the most similar results.)

Super Cool Colour Rosé, €7.99, Bleach London available at Boots

Schwarzkopf LIVE Grapefruit Burst 100 Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, €5.49, Boots

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint, €16.99, Boots

Bleach Blondes Kiss Of Colour Playful Pink Treatment, €7.99, Lee Stafford

L'Oreal Colorista Washout Pink Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, €9.49, Boots

And now you're equipped with the equipment, it's probably best you learn how to actually dye your hair pink...

#1: Don't Skip the Strand Test

If you've rolled your eyes at the instructions included in every box of flat-packed furniture or kitchen appliance, we've got news for you—that attitude could be dangerous in this instance. Read the instructions that come with your box dye, most will advise a strand test. This is one step that shouldn't be skipped. Without a trial, not only do you run the risk of the colour "not taking" in certain spots, it could just as easily take TOO WELL, leaving you more neon raver than pastel princess. 

#2: Have a Back-Up Plan

While you may not be seeing anyone anytime soon, there are still Monday morning zoom calls with your boss to be had. Not to mention the happy hour calls with your friends who will not hold back when they see the easter egg that is now your hair. Having another ace up your sleeve is crucial if you're a DIY pastel hair virgin. We suggest you ask your hairdresser for advice on which products to use and then only use those. 

#3: Invest in the Upkeep

Anyone with dyed hair, especially those with colourful hair will tell you that keeping pastel pink hair pink requires more than just a little commitment. After all is said and done, you'll need an arsenal of colour-depositing products on hand to refresh the hue with every wash. Most hair brands these days have a complimenting shampoo and conditioner to the hair dye you just bought. Our advice? Buy these too. 

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