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The Best Beauty Products That Keep My (Dyed) Blonde Healthy

Because no one deserves split ends.

My damaged locks have tried everything, so you don't have to

As a child, my hair was always the first thing you noticed about me. 

White blonde from birth, my mother was so proud of my sunshine-coloured locks as – I imagine – they made her reminiscent of the strawberry blonde shades of her mother, and her own previous forays with bleach as a youth. 

However, the one major problem my hair brought with it was that all it required was a light breeze to turn it into a knot implosion. Some of my earliest memories are of my mum and older sisters pinning me down to comb out tangles or to french braid my hair to prevent such mess. 

Over the years, the blonde has faded and bleach has arrived in its place – thus exacerbating the tension found atop my crown. 

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My answer to this? A particular set of products I swear by and do not stray from. 

1. Tangle Teezer

A lifetime of hairbrush-related pain has led me to this (in the form of a present – I never trusted brushes prior) and now I never leave home without one. I even have a spare one in work, just in case. 

2. Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner

Yes, I know – parabens, parabens, parabens.

But, this is the only shampoo which allows me to go days between washing my hair – something I never thought I'd be able to do some two years ago – which has added strength and softness never seen before.

Side note: TRY TO WASH YOUR HAIR AS INFREQUENTLY AS POSSIBLE. It is the best thing for it and the only reason my hair hasn't fallen out. Just stock up on dry shampoo, first. 

3. Gisou Hair Oil

My only splurge when it comes to hair care. As my hair is both fine and prone to lifelessness, I'm extremely hesitant to use any sort of oil-based product for fear of overloading. 

However, this product lies somewhere in between a light oil and a water-based serum, which glides through the hair providing a blow-dry sheen in one fell swoop. I apply it when 60% wet after a shower or a little – one droplet is all that's needed – to the ends of dry hair prior to leaving the house. 

It looks beautiful and lasts forever, this would be one of the few things I'd grab if my house when up in flames. 


4. Modern Botany Oil

For those looking for a multi-tasker product, you can't go wrong with Modern Botany's award-winning oil. Due to its nifty size, I bring this wonder-product with me every time I travel. I use liberally on face and sparingly on hair ends.

It's gorgeously silky and is natural enough for both breastfeeding women and cancer patients to use. Lightly coat your hair in this overnight and you'll feel a real difference the next morning. 

5. UniqOne Hair Treatment by Revlon Professional

My holy grail. I don't wash my hair without it. When applied to damp hair it provides smooth, silky, shiny, protected hair without weighing it down. Honestly a game-changer for anyone who dreads brushing after a vigorous shower/dip in the sea. Best ever. 

Main image by @haileyclauson on Instagram

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