A Dermatologist Just Told Me How To Actually Get Rid of Dark Circles

It is a known rule that prevention is better than treatment and eye care is no exception to this.

With the skin around our eyes being the thinnest on our body (approximately 0.5mm) and incredibly sensitive, we are faced with the daunting reality that is under-eye bags.

They say that the eyes tell a story and, for the majority of us, this narrative consists of minimal hours of sleep, extended periods of time glued to a screen and binging out on our favourite snacks in between.

Concealer proves only a temporary fix, but there are small lifestyle changes that we can make to avoid waking up with a curious case of raccoon eyes.

"After a heavy night of partying or being awake all night with a new baby, you'll be familiar with puffy eyes – we've all had them," Dublin-based skincare expert Ciara Darcy tells Irish Tatler. 

"The skin around your eyes is ten times thinner than the rest of your face. And, the main factors for puffiness are usually a lack of sleep, a sluggish lymphatic system, hormonal changes or unsuitable skincare.

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"If you think it could be a new product, I would stop using it altogether for a week to rule it out.

"If its an issue regarding lack of sleep, a facial massage will work wonders," she continues. "Using a jade roller or your fingers on pressure points and massaging will help to drain excess fluid to the nearest lymph node.

"Cutting out coffee and alcohol along with reducing your salt intake will reduce water retention.  And, drink as much water as you can! I put teaspoons in the fridge and place them on my eye area for a few minutes before starting my makeup. It definitely helps to cool and soothe - ta-da bright eyes in an instant (kind of!).

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Main image by @emrata on Instagram

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