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A Lesson In The Art Of The Messy Bun – The Only Hairstyle We Can Fathom Right Now

You'll need a bobbin or two.

The only hairstyle we're all doing right now: buns.

As the name implies, a messy bun should be one of the easiest hairstyles to master. Even though it doesn’t look like it to those who have yet to attempt a messy bun, it takes a whole lot of time and practice to get right. I, for one, have spent many far too much time in front of the mirror with sore arms trying to get that perfectly messy—but not too messy—look. 

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And since throwing all our hair on top of our head is the only 'hairstyle' we can possibly fathom right now, we thought it'd be about time to finally master the art of the messy bun. 

Hint: Don't overthink it.


You don't have to tell us twice! Never shampoo your hair the same day when creating your messy bun as the hair will be far too soft to create that messy texture you're after, it's best to rely on a sleek low bun when hair is freshly washed. However, if your hair can't possibly take another day of going unwashed, there's an easy fix: texture spray. It will add grip and texture to your hair, and give it that two-day-old look. 

STEP TWO: brush your hair

While it’s true a messy bun is meant to be imperfect, that doesn’t mean tangled hair is ideal. Start by gently brushing your hair until it’s smooth and knot-free. Tip: If your hair is naturally oily, this step can make the hair too sleek for the look. If this happens, add a spritz of texture spray or dry shampoo to bring the hair back to its messy - but tangle-free- state. 

STEP Three: gather hair into a ponytail

Next, create a high ponytail right on the top at the back of the head —no need to fuss over every little bump. Tip: If you have really long or thick hair and find it tricky to create a high pony, tip your head upside down to make sure you can get you pony high enough.


Once you have a high pony, begin twisting the ponytail and wrap it around its base. Loop a bobbin around the messy bun you just created two to three times to hold it in place. Have pieces of hair sticking out in places you don’t want them to be? Consider it handled. If your messy bun is looking too messy for your taste, use bobby pins to secure unruly locks of hair. That said, if your messy bun is looking a little neat, don't be afraid to pull out a few strands around the face and loosening up the bun to add volume. After all, you can always pin them back into place. 

step five: spritz, spritz, spritz

To prevent your messy bun from unravelling as you commute from your sitting room to the kitchen as the day goes on, we recommend a light spray of hairspray. We know this seems likes a lot of work but having to retie your messy bun seven times a day is a lot harder. Trust us.

Main image by @jenatkinhair on Instagram

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