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How To Save Dry Hair, According To The Experts

Sabrina Hill of @superstylesabby and owner of Kopper, Cork’s super-hip salon weights in

Is your hair stressed from the snow/heating/over-styling cycle? Join the step-by-step programme to get your locks back to their best.  

Winter is a tough season for hair and, moreover, beauty as a whole. There may be whiffs of New Year in the air, but your hair may not be recovered from the bitterness of hibernation season just yet. The air is dry, winds are still rough and you’re desperately trying to kick-start yourself out of the 'batten down the hatches' mentality.

Let’s not even mention those jumper/scarf/jacket friction-induced knots! 

The Switch Up

Much like how the skin’s condition alters from month to month – at times begging for a rich, creamier cleanser, then demanding an immediate switch to an oil-free version as soon as it’s had its fill – so too does that of your hair.

Some might argue that a shampoo is a shampoo, but others (like you, who are more in touch with their keratinous needs) will notice seasonal changes in texture, the slightest loss of volume or a hint of product build-up.

Wash THe Right Way  

If your relationship with your shampoo is pushing into ‘long- term’ territory (well, it has seen you naked hundreds of times), then a change may be in order. So with that in mind, give some thought to the following; what kind of hair do you have? Fine, thick, straight, curly, coloured? How is your scalp health? Dry, oily, normal?

After those basic parameters, things can get a little existential – strengthening, damage-repairing, anti-ageing, clarifying, thermally protective... but before you fall down the rabbit hole of weighing up shampoo #lifegoals, here’s what Sabrina Hill of @superstylesabby and owner of Kopper Cork’s super-hip salon, had to add on the topic.

“Shampoo should be the base of any healthy haircare routine."

"People seem to place huge importance on conditioning and masking in terms of problem-solving for hair, but most issues can be avoided, or certainly improved, with the use of the right shampoo – hair should feel really neutral afterwards, not oily, not dry," she continued.

"Even the most expensive conditioner will find it near-impossible to return hair to its natural state after using a harsh, sulphate-heavy shampoo. It’s almost like overcooking your food and trying to cover it up with a sauce!”

Words of warning if ever you've heard them!

Shampoo you should know: 

Calming Shampoo, €39, Aesop – SHOP 

Calming Shampoo, €39, Aesop

Calming Shampoo, €39, Aesop

Maxi.Wash Detox Shampoo, €23, Kevin Murphy – SHOP 

Maxi.Wash Detox Shampoo, €23, Kevin Murphy

Maxi.Wash Detox Shampoo, €23, Kevin Murphy

Moisture Recovery Shampoo, €17, Joico – SHOP 

No Frizz Shampoo, €26, Living Proof at Space NK – SHOP 

No Frizz Shampoo, €30, Living Proof at Space NK

No Frizz Shampoo, €30, Living Proof at Space NK

Regenerating Shampoo, €37, Christophe Robin – SHOP 

Regenerating Shampoo, €25, Christophe Robin

Regenerating Shampoo, €25, Christophe Robin

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