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How To (Almost) Painlessly Wax Your Bikini Line

Proof that you can get salon results in the comfort of your own home

Struggling to get a waxing appointment? Well, struggle no more as we've teamed up with Sugar Coated to give one lucky Irish Tatler reader the chance to win the ultimate at-home waxing hamper worth over €50! 

If and how and when you choose to groom your pubic hair is completely your call. But if you’ve realised that bikini hair removal is for you, you likely be on board the bikini wax train. Quite possibly one of the most popular salon treatments out there, waxing is a method loved by many. Leaving the smoothest finish, waxing removes the whole hair from the follicle, giving low-maintenance, long-lasting results. 

Yet despite the effective results, bikini waxes can be intimidating for a myriad of reasons. For some, having a complete stranger (read: professional waxer) do the hard work is no big thing. But there’s no way around it—a bikini wax is never going to be comfortable or pleasant, and for many people, that added ‘now a stranger is involved’ factor can only make things more awkward.

Enter at-home waxes. 

Of all the beauty treatments to do at home, waxing offers the most potential for disaster. Not only is it difficult to match the salon standard of hair removal, but the worst-case scenario could leave you with sensitive, irritated or even burnt skin.

Thankfully, the world of at-home waxing kits has expanded in the past few years and with the right technique, you can achieve salon-worthy results from the comfort of your own home. Sure, there’s a little bit of a learning curve and a certain skill set involved, but once you get the hang of it, going the DIY route is an easy, affordable alternative. 

With that in mind, we reached out to Rosie Khandwala, founder of Sugar Coated to get the ins and outs of DIY hair removal.

how to wax  your bikini line safely at home: 

Step One: Ditch The Razor

As tempting as it is to shave your pubic hair every time you hop into the shower, if it's your first time waxing at-home, Rosie recommends waiting at least two weeks after your last shave before waxing. How long you wait between waxes depends on how fast your hair grows and what type of wax you’re using. For example, soft wax can grab shorter, finer hairs, so anywhere from a few days to a week of growth is enough. “Just make sure your hair is long enough to wax - ideally a ½ cm long for best results," advises Rosie. 

Step Two: Clean Up 

Unlike shaving, waxing requires you to be one-hundred per cent dry as the wax won’t adhere to wet skin. But, that doesn’t mean proper hygiene is out the window. “Make sure the area is completely clean and try not to use any oil-based washes or lotion," says Rosie. You want the area to be nice and dry. If you’re really hot (or sweaty), apply a small amount of talc powder before you start waxing.

Step Three: Exfoliate

The first rule of waxing body hair? Always exfoliate first. “It’s worth exfoliating the day before to get rid of any dead skin cells, as they can clog up the wax or lead to ingrown hairs," explains Rosie. Exfoliating also boosts circulation, encourages cell regeneration and improves skin tone and appearance.

Step Four: Choose The Right Kind Of Wax

If you type the word 'wax' into any beauty retailer right now, you'll be met with a hundred different kinds of at-home waxing kits. While everyone's hair removal needs are different, there is one brand that manages to cater for all: Sugar Coated

Sugar Coated’s Bikini Hair Removal Kit (€11.99) is all-natural, vegan-friendly and made primarily from sugar syrup and water. Free from any citric acid, resins or additives, it’s also gentler on your skin than regular waxes. Boosting its sustainable status is the inclusion of reusable, biodegradable strips, making this more of a long-term investment than single-use kits. Despite the brand name, it doesn’t work like sugaring but instead removes hair like any other wax. Oh, and as for where the pain is concerned - it's pretty painless compared to other waxing kits or even professional treatments. Formulated with Calendula, it helps to soothe and calm your skin, resulting in a pain-free wax. 

Step Five: Follow Your Hair's Lead

With all areas, you should apply the wax in the direction of hair growth (not against), then pull the strips or hard wax in the opposite direction. For best results, "always apply in the direction of hair growth and pull against hair growth. Make sure to stretch the skin so as not to cause damage," says Rosie. Any other technique causes the hair to break—rather than remove from the root—you can tell if you did it incorrectly because you’ll feel stubbly again the next day.

Step Six: Aftercare 

After waxing your bikini line, Rosie recommends applying a non-scented lotion or anything with Aloe Vera to the area as it is cooling as well as anti-bacterial. "Wear loose, comfortable clothing afterwards to avoid any friction, irritation or reactions," advises Rosie. 

Wait 2-3 days and repeat the exfoliating process in Step 3 to avoid any ingrown hairs. 

So now you know what it takes to safely and painlessly give yourself an at-home bikini wax, wouldn't it be nice to have some wax to go along with it? That's exactly what we thought so we've teamed up with Sugar Coated to give one lucky Irish Tatler reader the chance to win the ultimate at-home waxing hamper worth over €50! 

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