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This Is How Influencers Look After Their Skin

Tips from the best-skinned gals in the business

It’s all about going back to basics...  

We all want to naturally glow from the outside in, but how do we make great skin happen at home? The secret, according to three influencers and Boots YourGoodSkin ambassadors, isn’t as complicated as you might think.

What sounds like a cliché was, in fact, a simple go-to beauty rule for our influencers: getting the basics right. Taking care of skin every day is at the heart of good skincare, as is using the right products – and knowing when to switch them up for differing seasons.

Cleansing is key

“I never ever go to bed with my make-up still on. I always make sure to cleanse my skin before I go to sleep, no matter how tired I am, to keep my skin from getting congested and breaking out,” says Emer Rutherford of PenneystoPrada.

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Less is more

"Start young; get yourself into a good routine at an early age. Oh, and don’t overload your face with too much product - a little goes a long way!” says The Style Fairy’s Naomi Clarke.

The Big Three

“From the age of 12 years old my mum said to always cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin and to always wear sunscreen. She instilled in me to look after my skin,” added model and fashion broadcaster Michele McGrath. “I use all the fabulous products from the YourGoodSkin range. I love their Balancing Skin Concentrate. I also use the CICA Sleep Repair Paste a couple of times a week, which I find works brilliantly for my skin."

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Both products favoured by Michele are designed to help keep your skin looking its absolute best: The Balancing Skin Concentrate is designed to help you maintain the healthy appearance of your skin by targeting the signs of skin imbalance - you'll see results in less than a month too!

The CICA Sleep Repair Paste also continues this while you sleep - its unique paste formula (a hybrid between a face mask and skin treatment), contains a powerful mix of ingredients; the antioxidant Centella Asiatica (famed for its restorative properties) along with green tea and vitamin C to naturally brighten (think glowing skin in a bottle!).

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The right tools

Speaking of great skincare products, Emer says a big misconception can be that price should dictate quality. Know the skin you have and what it needs before you make a product choice, she advises. “I think that it's easy to see a very expensive skincare product and automatically think that it'll be the "best", when in fact some of the best skincare – such as the YourGoodSkin range - is budget-friendly while offering fantastic products that work to give you visibly healthy skin.” 

Stay consistent

“Consistency is key,” agrees Naomi. “There is no point in having all these wonderful products if you don’t invest the time and use them correctly and consistently.” And when it comes to application, she offers a simple tip: Lightest products first. “This can help when knowing what to apply and in which order, the lighter products (in texture) go on first and build from there.”

Seasonal skin shifts

Michele says she does tend to alter her product use to cater for various skin concerns, such as excess oiliness, during the summer months. “I do tend to alter my skincare routine, depending on how my skin is. If it is oily, dry, or problematic I will choose the different products which will help my skin the most at that time.”

“I have quite oily/combination skin so for years I didn't even moisturise because I thought it would help my skin become less oily,” Emer continued. “Now when I feel my skin is a bit on the dry/dehydrated side, I always make sure to use a good serum,  as well as a moisturiser day and night”

SPF (and more SPF)

The failsafe advice reiterated by all our influencers was SPF – and to use one no matter the weather. What you want is to be able to use it as a multipurpose product so that there's no forgetting to apply it. With this in mind, the YGS SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream (€9.99) is ideal. It's a lightweight day moisturiser that both hydrates and protects skin from the very first application. "SPF can be forgotten but it is hugely important and part of my daily skincare routine,” Michele continued.

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Damage control

We’ve all heard horror stories of skincare ‘mishaps.’ If you have one, Emer says a key thing will be how you repair before any damage is done. “I once used a clay mask which was too strong. Thankfully, my skin calmed down and I am now very cautious with the products I use on my skin and, in particular, the quality of their ingredients.”

A product that isn't harsh on the skin in any way is the YGS Purifying Treatment Mask (below). If your face needs a little extra TLC, this product is a must. The mineral clay formula gently works to absorb impurities while caring for your skin using a soothing combination of green tea, vitamin C and Bisabolol.

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The YourGoodSkin range is available exclusively at Boots Ireland stores nationwide and on now.

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