Want. Need. Must Have Tout De Suite

Want. Need. Must Have Tout De SuiteInstagram: @violette_fr

Estée Lauder's new Global Beauty Director, makeup artist Violette, is bringing the cosmetic brand an all-new cool girl image. 


The Parisian-born, self-taught makeup artist honed her skills on the sets of  fashion editorials, with major photographers like Akrans and Demarchelier and her aesthetic is about as far away from 'heavily contoured' as you could get.

Citing her first beauty memory as that of "women in t-shirts and messy hair, and yet they had incredible, perfect red lipstick on, and heels. They could be at the grocery store, or at school picking up their kids, and they were wearing this." 

C'est Chic, non? 

The art-school-alumni-turned-YouTube-sensation might not seem like a perfect match for the American beauty house and it's long standing heritage, but tapped she was by Estée Lauder to be its Global Beauty Director and we're all for the new easy, approachability.

When asked what most inspires her about the brand, Violette explains to the Estée Lauder site, "It’s the history. There’s something very historic about Estée Lauder. I feel like it’s always been somewhere in an American life. It’s very iconic, and there is an emotional connection to the brand. It’s not just superficial, people are linked to this brand through their memories. It’s a brand that respects women, because it cares about enhancing their natural beauty."

Poppy Sauvage

And enhance natural beauty is what she hopes to do, via her debut seven-piece collection for the brand Poppy Sauvageinspired by the natural beauty of the South of France in Spring. 

“Sauvage means ‘wild,’ and French women are very wild. The Poppy Sauvage Collection combines my three favourite moments of spring: the attitude of the season, my ideal makeup look, and my go-to colour: the one-of-a-kind fire-red that you can only see on the poppies in France.”

If nonchalantly delivering petal-inspired lips, sunset-coloured eyes, radiant ombré cheeks and skin, kissed by a touch of morning dew – all in one collection – is a sign of things to come from the Estée Lauder Maison, with Violette as the host, maybe emulating the elusive 'joie de vivre' won't prove so difficult! 

Estée Lauder X Violette Poppy Sauvage Collection is available at Brown Thomas now. 

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