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Jellyfish Goo: the Skin Care Ingredient You Most Definitely Didn't Know You Needed

No sting, just great skin.
Photo by Mathilda Khoo on Unsplash


From snail mucus, blended mushrooms and vinegar, there really is no limit as to what we're willing to slather on our faces in the pursuit of youthful, glossy and perfect skin. Now, there's an even more bizarre trend to add into the mix: the jellyfish. 

The once unwelcome sea creature when found during your Summer dip has now been embraced by the beauty world, thanks to their surprisingly high source of collagen. 

In the fear of sounding full on white lab coat, allow us to simplify: jellyfish have high levels of collagen as they are built up of water, proteins (one of which is collagen) and glycoproteins (a molecule built from protein and saccharide, also called mucin). The molecules produced by Jellyfish are not only beneficial to maintaining the condition of skin but also host a tonne of hydrating benefits. 

Scientists, in vivo and in vitro studies, have proven the multiple skin benefits of jellyfish extract (aka their goo). The research demonstrated the positive impact on skin protein involved in hydration, skin barrier function, wound healing and general function of the skin.

The jellyfish goo now found in skincare products everywhere is derived from a species called Rhopilema esculentum, an edible sea creature found in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Australian beauty brand, Dr. LeWinn's are the first to bring jellyfish goo based skincare products to the mainstream with their latest product: eternal youth jellyfish collagen hydrating face mask. Using Bio-Cellulose technology, the sheet mask adheres to the face perfectly acting like a second skin for an instant. The jellyfish extract found in the mask strengthens the skin's barrier while Juveleven peptide and Hyaluronic Acid boosts the skin's moisture levels leaving you with supple, young and healthy skin. 

Eternal Youth Jellyfish Collagen Hydrating Face Mask, $9.95, Dr. LeWinn's


While currently, the sheet mask is not yet level available in Ireland, we're sure you have a cousin or two who could send some over. 

Main image by Connor Segovia

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