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The Shampoo + Conditioner Duo That Brought Shine Back To My Extremely Dry Hair

Essentially a tall glass of water for your hair.

Dull, dehydrated hair? I no longer know her.

Humblebrag, but I have good hair. 

Not in the 'super trendy cut' kind of way, more so in the 'it's thick, grows relatively quickly and can take pretty much anything I throw at it' kind of way. But as well behaved as my hair is, there's always been one problem: it's dry. A self-inflicted hair woe resulting from my 'excellent' decision to dye my dark brown hair blonde in one sitting. A choice that resulted in months of regret and years of trying to quench my dehydrated hair.

I will do anything to get my once glossy, soft, hydrated hair back so much so that I've spent entire paychecks on salon treatments, hair oils and pretty much any product with the words hydration on the bottle. So when the JOICO Hydrasplash range landed on my 'WFH' desk one morning, you best believe I jumped straight in the shower with the shampoo and conditioner the second my lunch break started. 

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Cross my heart and hope to die, this pairing gave my hair the instant quench it needed. At that time, I rarely let my hair air-dry because I hated how dull and honestly sad my hair would look without being guided by a hairdryer and barrel brush. But with this stuff, my once thirsty, sad, and tired hair was transformed. After just one wash my hair was silky to the touch and didn't require a tonne of prep. I was (and still am) thrilled.

The years of damage and abuse vanished the moment I stepped out of the shower. Since then, I've received compliments from via Zoom for how glossy and healthy my hair appeared. One of my friends even went so far to ask if I had my hair done recently. 

Being someone who box-dyed her hair one too many times in secondary school, never used heat protectant spray, and lacked the dedication to get regular trims, I've found this shampoo and conditioning pair to be a thing of magic.

What's more, thanks to lockdown and salons being shut, my hair is heavier than ever. I was booked to get my hair cut and coloured on March 29. Two days after Leo Varadkar announced Ireland was going into lockdown and that all non-essential businesses were to remain closed. So I've spent most of lockdown with my hair in one humungous bun not because I'm lazy but because the sheer weight of my hair was causing my neck to ache. After my third wash with the JOICO Hydrasplash shampoo and conditioner, my hair was left with a lightweight, silky texture. 

Hydrasplash Hydrating Shampoo, €17.95, JOICO; Hydrasplash Hydrating Conditioner, €17.95, JOICO

My only complaint? The price. The shampoo and conditioner retail for €17.95 each. My usual shampoo and conditioner cost less than €10 for both but perhaps my own frugalness is the reason I've not had hydrated locks sooner. 

Will I repurchase? Right now, I'm thinking no but that's simply because I have half the bottle left and my hair is healthy. However, I imagine the second the shampoo and conditioner run out and I'm back washing my hair with less hydrating products – I'll be rushing to my local salon to buy more. 

TheJOICO Hydrasplash range is available to buy from online stockists (,, LookFantastic, etc.) and salons nationwide. 

Main image by @ash_kholm on Instagram

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