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Jonathan Van Ness On The Queer Eye Makeover He Regrets

Since the reboot of Queer Eye debuted on Netflix in 2018, the show's Fab Five – Tan, Antoni, Jonathan, Karamo and Bobby – have performed makeovers on men and women from the US to Australia to Japan.

But, not all of them have gone off without a hitch. 

Grooming aficionado Jonathan Van Ness revealed to BuzzFeed News there's one makeover he has regrets about.

The final episode of the show's second season saw the teamwork with Ted Terry – the 30-year-old progressive mayor of the small city of Clarkston, Georgia.

He had been growing a beard since the election of Donald Trump. But by the end of the episode, the beard was gone.

"I'll be honest: I never wanted to take that beard off," he said in an interview with AM to DM on Monday.

"I was very pro-beard. I was very pro–Resistance Beard. I definitely got my little arm twisted on that."

In a 2018 interview with CityLab, Mayor Terry also hinted that his beard was shaved so the episode could end with a big reveal.

"Well, the show really wanted a transformation," he said, "so I was happy to abide by a very stark contrast from a beard that I had been growing out for almost a year to being clean-shaven."

Terry also said he had since grown back his facial hair, but promised to follow Van Ness's advice on using beard oil.

After this article was first published, Mayor Terry himself weighed in on his makeover.

Van Ness shared the spotlight with Antoni Porowski – the show's food guru – who also revealed a set regret.

"At the end of the week it was really hot," he said. "I think it was like 137 degrees outside. We had lemonade, and instead of making sure that it was actually drinkable lemonade — I didn't have a culinary assistant at the time — so what they ended up putting in the lemonade pitcher that I was then sharing with you [Van Ness] and with Bobby [Berk], it was pure lemon concentrate — no sugar, no water, and just ice cubes — and I think there were even plastic ice cubes in there, so it was also warm. And we were trying to control our faces while we were sweating."

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