One Time, I Saw Kendall Jenner Go Blonde And Wear Burberry. So, I Want To Go Blonde and Wear Burberry...

First Bella, Now Kendall...guess blondes really do have more fun!

Jenner walked in Burberry's LFW show sporting a warm blonde hue and this time, it's for real. 

Switching up their hair colour is like a competitive sport for the Kardahsian-Jenner family, but unlike her sisters, Kendall Jenner's locks are usually pretty predictable - our bets are usually on glossy and dark. 

But that all changed yesterday when Kendall betrayed her brunette roots in favour of something a little lighter for London Fashion Week, walking in Riccardo Tisci's third show for Burberry with long, centre-parted, blonde hair. Note the natural lowlighted roots. 

While the model has temporarily played around with different looks before, via coloured wigs, this new shade is very much her own hair and therefore, a little more permanent. Whether she'll keep it now or switch right-back is the real question. 

If you're feeling inspired by Kendall's new hair, you're in luck because below are the (ahem) golden rules to achieving brighter, blonder, brass-free hair. 

how to:

Whether you’re looking to emulate Blake Lively’s signature golden locks or Kim K’s pure platinum, or now, Kendall Jenner's honeyed hue - how the process will ultimately affect your hair’s condition depends on two factors; how dark your natural/current hair colour is and how quickly you’re hoping to get to your intended blonde.

A healthy dose of realism is important on both fronts, because no matter what, it will, on some level, damage your hair. Lightening requires the use of either hydrogen peroxide or bleach (in gentler, more complex formulations) to create an irreversible chemical reaction in your hair cuticle. Therefore, the darker your natural or current hair colour is, the more pigment that needs to be lifted,to achieve a blonde shade. 

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Going blonde more gradually will help to maintain the integrity of your hair, but it, in return, requires more patience, commitment...and cash.

You might not want to hear this, but you probably won’t (and shouldn’t) achieve your dream blonde hue overnight. Armed with that knowledge, go to a colourist that comes recommended and always opt to have a bond-reconstructor, like Wella’s Wellaplex, mixed in during your lightening session. This innovative product targets the hair’s inner structure, where amino-acid bonds have been compromised by chemical or mechanical stresses and allow your colourist to carry out bolder lightening transformations, knowing the hair is being concurrently reinforced and strengthened.

In between salon visits, focus on ensuring your hair is in a healthy enough condition to keeping going lighter, via lots of moisturising treatments (like the ones below) and curbing heat-styling habits too.

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