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The Miraculous High-Shine Hair Treatment You Need To Try On Your Next Salon Visit

Diamond-like hair shine, in seconds!

Only seeing is believing the shine with this one! 

Glossy, lustrous, polished hair – while super-admirable on other people – just hasn't ever been my thing. For some reason, (probably because it's not something I'm capable of achieving very often), but I don't feel like myself with preened, shiny hair. 

That was, until I tried Kérastase's new K Water treatment! 

Launched this week in Ireland, the exclusive in-salon treatment addition costs no more than €10 on top of your regular blow-dry or cut and deliver instant diamond-like shine to the hair, without weighing it down. 

Kérastase K Water

Perfect for women who are time-poor but still love some salon self-care, K Water is an innovative hair treatment that features ground-breaking Lamellar Technology designed to instantly transform the look, feel and texture of the hair for softness and shine. 

Set to be a hair game-changer of 2020, the use of this amino acid Lamellar complex in K Water is a global first. Activated by water, Lamellar Technology starts working the second it comes in contact with wet hair and unlike previous treatment formulae which could leave the hair feeling heavy, this penetrates just where needed, to shield the hair fibre with an ultra-fine and lightweight topcoat.

Like A Lipgloss for your hair 

Due to its ultra-lightweight, water-like texture, K Water doesn't work to repair damage deep within the hair follicle but is applied for more of a cosmetic result. Like a lipgloss might do for your lips, K Water will do for your hair - delivering remarkable shine and instant smoothness.

After shampooing, K Water is applied at the backwash by your stylist and gets to work immediately. No conditioner or mask needed. Simply wash out, blow dry, et voila, hair is visibly polished and flawless.

How Could you say no?

Typically, shiny hair signals expensive taste, but with the recommended retail price of between €8 and €10, Kérastase K Water is a totally affordable add on. Try it during your next salon visit and I promise, you won't be disappointed... I mean, even I, perennially messy-haired, was converted. 

Kérastase K WATER is available in selected premium professional salons nationwide. 

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