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I Just Tried The Foundation That Caitriona Balfe Swears By—Here's What I Thought

We've tried and tested the most divisive makeup category of the moment, so you don't have to.

I've never really been a huge foundation fan. 

It's likely due to dry, Celtic skin wreaking havoc with my base – but I have always found myself erring on the side of BB creams, CC creams, or even just bare-faced SPF rather than murky formulas. 

However, it appears that brands are listening due to a myriad of reformulations of your favourites to allow for more skin-friendly ingredients. 

One such brand that is allocating clutch ingredients so all skin types can cover up their imperfections if they so choose is Kevyn Aucoin, with their new Foundation Balm.

Upon first glance, my pores tensed –– was this just another iteration of the once-favoured-but-subsequently-hated Dream Matte Mousse?!

Seemingly answering our prayers in one, the former Maybelline product was as affordable as it was specious, by way of destroying our skin by wholly removing moisture. 

However, after taking a second glance at the Aucoin product, I realised that the texture was far more forgiving. 

It’s a new type of complexion product with a balm-like texture. Though it claims to be matte and full-coverage, I find it to be more skin-like, with buildable medium-to-full coverage.

You'd be forgiven for assuming that it would go on powdery, but the by using the dense foundation brush it comes with, the product glides on rather dewily. 

Full disclosure: Usually, brushes that come as part of the package can be rubbish. But this one is perhaps the best foundation brush I've ever used.

It applies, blends, and conceals with unbelievable ease. It's also small enough to get the product into all the nooks of your face, like around your nose and inner eyes.

Using both products in sync means that the formula is buildable enough to cover nose redness while also providing sheen on high points. 

In fact, it does a great job of neutralising and concealing redness and blemishes, but without leaving skin looking caked. 

It's also packed with hyaluronic acid and vitamin e, so it hydrates and nourishes your skin throughout the day, rather than drying out your face.

Finally, a little goes a long way.

Having used cream pot-based foundations before (hello, Dream Matte), and they can tend to disappear quickly. But, you can tell this one will last a while, especially if you are strategic with your coverage (rather than opting for an all-over blanket application).

Need more proof? Upon slapping some on in the morning for a meeting, our Beauty Editor said "your skin looks amazing," to me –– only for her to be shocked the product directly responsible for doing so came out of a flat tub. 

Still don't believe me? Well, what if I told you Caitriona Balfe is a fan. Attending the 92nd Academy Awards earlier this year, Balfe wore the foundation in shade #02 to conceal imperfections (we can't imagine there were many) and create a soft base for the rest of the look.

I guess you can't judge a book by its cover after all.

Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Balm, €46

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