This Facial Oil Is Just As Dependable As Your Best Friend

If not more...

Facial Oil, Facial Oil, where for art thou facial oil?

Name a more decadent, luxurious skin-care product than a facial oil - I'll wait.  

Whether it's concocted from a base of rose, argan, avocado, or blue tansy (among many other varieties), I'll extol the virtues of a facial oil to anyone and everyone who will listen. There's not an evening that goes by (asides the ones where I fall asleep on the couch during a serious Netflix binge, glass wine still in hand) that doesn't include the slathering of a rich, nourishing oil and a quick once over with a jade roller. Alongside vitamin C and a facial every once in a while, I'm certain I have oil to thank for my fairly plump, hydrated skin.

I do understand that facial oils can be scary. Maybe it’s because the idea of putting oil on, say, your acne-prone face seems certifiably insane (it isn’t), or maybe your skin is so sensitive you think you can't use an oil (you can), or maybe you just think the whole concept of face oils is too confusing for your low-maintenance needs (it definitely is not).

Whatever the reason, I’m here to tell you that it’s probably a silly one, because face oil is the one product that can actually treat your skin issues, while giving you the bright, glowy, clear face of your dreams. And yes, every single skin type can use it (according to me, your derm, and your derm's derm).

So to prove it to you, I'd like to introduce you to a brilliant entry point to the world of facial oils, and the one product I keep coming back to even when tempted by fancier, pricier versions: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (€44).

There's a reason this tiny indigo vial consistently tops best-seller lists - even 9 years after its initial release. Supercharged with a blend of oils (lavender, evening primrose, and jojoba, among others) and delivers a serious dose of nighttime hydration. There's also squalene, a skincare stalwart known for its ability to boost moisture, which in turn, leads to brighter skin. It also contains omega-6 fatty acids, which are great for giving skin that plump bounce.

You apply it at night (hence "midnight" being in the name) to take advantage of the fact that at night our skin enters recovery mode. Interestingly, our skin's barrier decreases in density at night, which means the oil has a better chance at reaching its lower layers and making a real difference to the skin.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is one that does exactly what it says on the bottle. It's the one product I always turn to when my skin needs some serious recovery. I repurchased a bottle over the weekend after being lured away by new and exotic skincare products, and just three uses into the new bottle, I'm wondering how I ever lived without it.  

It's so reliable that I know that only after a few days of using the oil again, my skin will be back to its perky self. And it's that kind of dependability we could all use.

Apply a few drops before hitting the pillow, wake up, glow, repeat.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate, €44, Kiehl's

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