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Yes, Toothpaste Can Really Whiten Your Teeth—If You Use The Right One

Bright, white teeth without a hefty price tag? Yes, please.

That extra glass of red wine might be doing wonders for your Friday night plans, but less so for your teeth. 

If you too are on that eternal quest for whiter teeth, it's likely you'll be a regular on the tooth whitening circuit, getting through teeth-whitening strips as though they are going out of fashion, and investing in all the best teeth-whitening kits that offer the promise of brighter pearly whites. 

But if you've become accustomed to these fancier treatments, you might be missing a trick. Teeth-whitening toothpaste could actually be the most important weapon in your oral care arsenal. No, of course, your toothpaste is never going to permanently change the colour of your teeth, but there are now a fair few formulas that will really make a good attempt at it and can lift away even the most stubborn of coffee stains in just a few days of usage.

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When it comes to oral hygiene, we often fall to victim to buying whatever toothpaste is on offer during our weekly shop - a tendency that we do not apply to our skincare regime. While we know the A-Zs of what we should and shouldn't be applying to our faces, the same can't be said for our teeth. Just like some ingredients are better for certain skin types than others, the same principle applies to your teeth – especially if whitening is your aim. So sure, that toothpaste may be on special offer but it's actually the oral equivalent of face wipes: they often contain alcohol, which not only dries out your mouth but damages it too.

Available for normal and extra sensitive teeth, L.A. PACIFIC is the first tooth whitening range of its kind, merging oral care with beauty. What makes this toothpaste different is its special formulation which uses an enzyme reaction to remove stains without damaging the enamel. When this enzyme meets a sugar, it produces a small amount of hydrogen peroxide that acts as a natural bleach leaving you with a brighter smile. And the Original Mint flavour keeps you feeling fresh.

Not only will the products in the range remove 82% of stains in just 2 minutes of brushing, but the toothpaste is also super safe for your enamel, causing zero sensitivity. Retailing at €8.99, L.A PACIFIC is available exclusively in Boots stores nationwide.

That said, getting to stores isn't easy right now nor is it encouraged. Thankfully, L.A Pacific have recently launched their own website meaning you can have clinically proven whitening toothpaste delivered straight to your door. What's more, the lovely people over at L.A Pacific have given us a special offer code exclusively for Irish Tatler readers. Simply use the code TATLER10 to receive 10% off your order (Offer valid until 10/05/2020).



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