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Fake Tan Not Sticking To Your Legs? This Could Be Why

It's time to rethink your self-tanning regime.

Because nobody wants pasty shins. 

Picture this: you've bought a fresh bottle of tan, you've exfoliated, moisturised and even gave your trusty tanning mitt a go in the wash. You followed our expert guide on how to apply a flawless tan but there's just one problem – your legs are not as tanned as the rest of your body. Nightmare. You decide to rectify this by taking another pump of self-tanner and apply it to your pasty calves and still, nothing. It just won't stick. You've tried different brands, bought exfoliating gloves and you even skipped shaving your legs to see if that would make a difference. Spoiler alert: it didn't. 

So what gives? Well, the skin on the front of your legs is extremely thin compared to the rest of your body, especially the shins. Because the skin is thin there, it means that you are likely to lose tan there quickest as the skin is constantly regenerating. What's more, your legs also come into closer contact with clothing than any other area of your body which will rub against your shins, thighs and knees thus removing tan.  

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That all makes sense, but why, then, does a self-tan not always take well to the lower legs? We posed this question to Lusso Tan co-founder, Lynsey Bennett, who revealed the ultimate hack to making self-tan stick to your legs.

"There is no secret to the perfect tan, just things you didn’t know," says Lynsey. 

Up until now, moisturising the body before applying tan was a golden rule when it came to preparing the skin for self-tan. But according to Lynsey, hydrating the body with a moisturiser or cream is actually hindering your glow. 

"You can not apply moisturiser before tanning, except for dry areas such as hands, feet, elbows and knees. Moisturiser acts as a barrier to tanning formulas meaning your tan won't develop. Instead, apply a primer such as Lusso Tan Primer."

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Similar to the primer you use before applying foundation or eyeshadow, a body primer creates a base on the skin that not only ensures your tan stays put and develops evenly, it also fills out pores and blurs and imperfections. And as for keeping the body hydrated, LussoTan Primer contains Organic Witch Hazel which refreshes the skin, locks in moisture and cleanses away impurities. 

That said, you shouldn't ditch your body cream altogether. 

"Moisturiser is key when applying self-tan to the hands and feet," says Lynsey. "Cover the hands and feet with moisturiser and allow it to soak in. Then, using a makeup brush instead of a tanning mitt, start with the back of the hand and work your way up each finger whilst curling the fingers into a gentle claw. Do not apply tan between fingers and toes and always avoid the side of your hands/feet as the sun does not tan these areas naturally. Using the makeup brush, be sure to blend the wrists and ankles."

As for flawlessly applying tan to the rest of your body, Lysney has just one piece of advice:

"The golden rule to tanning is less is’s easier to add tan than remove it."

Main image by @lucywilliams02 on Instagram

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