So, do we need all three then? Stupid question....

So, do we need all three then? Stupid question....

Travel, in the most chic way, from Deauville to Biarritz and Venice, and go on a olfactory adventure with Chanel's latest fragrance launch; summer-friendly scents that are formulated to be light and bright, yet long-lasting. 

The Les Eaux de Chanel collection consists of three citrus based scents designed to evoke some of Gabrielle Chanel’s most treasured locations, bringing back the memories of faraway coasts and lush countrysides. 

Given the strong link between memory and smell, perfumer Olivier Polge set out to recreate Gabrielle’s travels by focusing on what made some of her favourite places so unique, from crinkled leaves in Deauville to zingy, salty sea air in Biarritz.

Read on for more olfactory escapism.....


The first destination of this journey is Deauville, where Coco Chanel opened her first boutique in 1913. The seaside resort drew an elegant clientele who were the first to adopt her wide-brimmed hats and menswear-inspired clothing.

Featuring notes of orange rind, petit grain, basil leaf, rose, jasmine and patchouli, Paris-Deauville is like a mid-summer dream in the country, where a gentle breeze blows through tall grasses.


Hopping on the Orient Express escape to Venice, where Gabrielle Chanel fell under the spell  its treasures of Byzantine and Baroque art, which became a major source of inspiration for her style. 

Paris-Venise envelopes in a tangy-floral air with the notes of citrus, red berry and iris with a whisper of vibrant cedar and ambery accord, warming skin with a hint of vanilla note and oriental nuances.



At the last stop of this Chanel summer holiday, we find ourselves in Biarritz, the sunny seaside town on the Basque coastGabrielle Chanel was so taken with the sporty yet fashionable atmosphere of the town, she made it the location of her first couture house.

Here, Paris-Biarritz kisses skin with the notes of grapefruit and mandarin, accompanied by citrus, a lily-of-the-valley accord, vetiver and white musk – like an ice-cold dip in the open sea on a sunny day.

The bottles are created using lighter-than-usual glass, for ease of travel. How fitting. 

 The Les Eaux De Chanel fragrance collection is available at and each Eau de Toilette is priced at apporx €110 for 125ml.

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