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The €20 Lipstick Rachel Green Wore On Friends That's Still In Stock Today

The actress divulged some beauty tips for her former self in a recent interview with Pop Sugar.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that this season's biggest trend is nostalgia. 

Cue the dad sneakers, butterfly clips and endless stream of '90s bands making their way back into the zeitgeist.

One '90s trend that the world will possibly never get over is that of one Rachel Green.

The brat-cum-buyer arrived onto our screens in a meringue wedding gown in September '94, and we haven't stopped thinking about her sartorial choices since. 

To relive her Friends days, Jennifer Aniston recently spoke to Pop Sugar – where she imparted some beauty wisdom she would share with her 20-year-old self. 

"When we're young, no one teaches us,' Aniston began

"My mum did not slather me in sunscreen — in fact, she might've handed me baby oil and said, 'Bake it up. Tan is everything.' She'd get the cheeks really rosy red, which is not cute looking back, but that was their generation. Now I think all ages are aware of skin health. We sure weren't back in the '90s."

Her character Rachel Green was, famously, the reason people flocked to the hair salon for "The Rachel" haircut, but her makeup was equally noteworthy.

As for what she'd keep stashed in her bag if she had a choice? Easy, she said: "MAC Paramount, particularly that colour of lipstick. And Aveeno, of course, because after all, it was the '90s."

The shade – which is available here – is a brick red with dark undertones, which errs on the side of brown on darker skin colours. 

Not only does Paramount leave behind a satin finish, but it's also non-drying and feels super comfortable on lips. 

It has also been making appearances on runways and celebrities alike this last year. Coincidence?

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