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The Hair Masque That's Been Keeping My Brassy Tones At Bay During Lockdown

I miss my hairdresser.

DIY toning made easy... as in, the easiest.

With so many different hair colouring products available on the market, it can be impossible to know what you actually need in your armoury. People with dyed hair – especially for blondes and those who've lightened their locks – know the lengthy process that goes into achieving your dream colour, and in between salon visits, what goes into maintaining it. 

Lockdown is a particularly tough time for blondes. Before we know it, hair that might have started lockdown a creamy, golden-blonde colour, looks far closer to buttercup yellow in tone.

That's why – along with our much-trusted violet shampoo – we've been begging for more speedy, home-treatments that can reduce yellow tones and eliminate brassiness to keep our blonde hair looking fresh, all year long.

And boy, did Living Proof answer our prayers, with the new Whipped Glaze, from their Colour Care range.

Whipped Glaze

One of the more novel products to cross our Beauty Desk in some time, the at-home treatment deposits a temporary dye via a light, airy mousse that's applied to just-washed, towel-dried hair. Working in sections, the toning product can be distributed evenly from roots to tips, or more concentratedly towards the ends - if needed. The product is not to be rinsed out and hair can be styled as normal. 

Unlike your violet shampoo though, the Colour Care Whipped Glaze contains cationic red and blue dyes - no purple. The ratio and levels of these two dyes were optimised to work on different hair colours, across a spectrum and because the pigments are positively charged, they are attracted to the hair, giving a unique and even deposition.

 All Shades Welcome

Coming in both Light (for all blondes and highlighted hair) and Dark (all other colours) shades, Living Proof's Whipped Glaze can be used to enhance natural hair tones and neutralise grey hair too. 

Designed to be used as soon as you start to notice a shift in your colour, the tone-enhancing benefits of the Whipped Glaze can last through multiple shampoos, and really maximise the time between salon visits. 

With this product in your bathroom, freshening up your blonde and keeping brassiness at bay becomes as easy as applying your favourite texturising mousse.

We mean, if that's not your dream hair situ, we don't know what is! 

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