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#WIN: The New Immortelle Divine Box From L'OCCITANE Worth Over €350!

Organic, plant-derived and powerful against visible signs of ageing

With harsh autumn winds just around the corner, it's time to start preparing your skin for the colder months ahead. That's why we've teamed up with L'OCCITANE to give one lucky Irish Tatler reader the chance to win the new immortelle divine box worth over €350!

Within the skincare realm's vast array of double-edged-sword products, retinol just might have the sharpest tip. On the one hand, you'll hear about the youth elixir's ability to stimulate collagen production, strengthen the skin's foundation and minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles. But on the other slightly less optimistic hand, side effects of the vitamin A derivative can include sensitivity, inflammation, dryness and for some, peeling. 

Which begs the question, surely there's a powerful plant-based ingredient that’s perfect for more sensitive skin? Well, as it turns out, there is! It can be extracted from an everlasting plant known as the immortelle flower and it's the star ingredient in L'OCCITANE's new Divine Collection.

Immortelle Extract 

Growing in the harsh conditions of the Corsican maquis – where it's swept by salty winds from the Mediterranean sea and drenched in intense sunlight – the immortelle plant has earned its apt moniker. So much so, that even after being picked, the flower doesn't wither or fade. 

While the essential oil of the immortelle flower, rich in active ingredients, has been previously used by L'OCCITANE in its much-loved Overnight Reset serum, innovative new eco-extraction methods have allowed the brand's R&D teams to harness this gold standard anti-ageing ingredient in two new forms; the immortelle Super Extract and the Immortelle Super Aqueous Extract.

The Immortelle Super Extract - A new and powerful botanical compound including 21 active molecules, some of which have never been studied before, unlocking similar skin volume benefits to retinol while being gentler to your skin.

The Immortelle Super Aqueous Extract - Water-soluble active molecules that boost the antioxidant protection of Immortelle Essential Oil and add protection from blue light overexposure.

Each of the products within the Divine Collection; the Divine Cream 50ml, €89, the Divine Eye Balm 15ml, €67 and the Divine Youth Oil 30ml, €89 are enriched with the new exclusive immortelle blends, including the new immortelle Super Extract and Super Aqueous Extract for exceptional visible-age-fighting benefits, all without retinol. 

The Immortelle Divine Cream 50ml, €89, L'Occitane - SHOP 

"With 5 patents pending, Immortelle Divine Cream is a complete face moisturiser that fights against visible signs of ageing and helps to revive skin's youthfulness and luminosity. Its cashmere-like texture melts into the skin, instantly nourishing and softening it. Used daily, wrinkles appear visibly reduced, the skin regains its firmness and elasticity. The skin's texture feels smoother, the complexion looks brighter and more even-toned," the brand says. 

Responsible Harvesting

With one immortelle Divine Cream alone harnessing the power of 600 immortelle flowers and their benefits, it was important to L'OCCITANE to ensure a sustainable supply of the anti-oxidant-rich essential oil without putting pressure on the natural environment of the immortelle flower. So, in 2004, L'OCCITANE set up a plantation programme to cultivate this wild species and in a commitment to supporting producers, they invited several to become involved in the first organic cultivation of this incredible flower. 

Every field in which the immortelle flower is grown on L'OCCITANE's behalf is certified organic in accordance with European organic farming standards and the immortelle producers don't use pesticides, chemical fertilisers or irrigation in an effort to guarantee traceability from the seed to the skin.

L'OCCITANE's Divine Collection is available from 7 September in boutiques and online at


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All images courtesy of L'OCCITANE 

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