The internet is full of DIY tricks that claim to improve hair growth, speed up your metabolism, or increase the negative ions in the air around you. But if you're looking to ditch the eyelash extensions and boost your lashes naturally, is it all just #fakenews? 

Lash serums are obviously one solution, but they don't come without their own side effects; redness, irritation and itchiness being the most common for users.

Lots of people are turning to DIY eyelash growth remedies to help get long eyelashes without any of the potential risks that come with grown serums. And while they may not be quite fast-acting as eyelash growth serums, some of them do actually work.

Castor Oil and Vitamin E

Castor oil has been used in everything from laxatives to skincare, and while more research is needed to fully support the claim that the oil can spark hair or eyelash growth, preliminary studies look promising. 

Studies suggest that one of the chemical compounds that makes up castor oil might have potential as a treatment to reverse hair loss, and the oil – despite it's scientific proof – remains a popular DIY remedy for eyelash growth, even among dermatologists.

Coconut and Almond Oil

Coconut oil seems to be marketed as yet another cure-all these days, but as with many other home remedies, there isn't much science to back it up. What we do know though, is that coconut oil boosts shine and makes lashes look dense, appearing thicker as a result. 

Other natural beauty enthusiasts claim that using sweet almond oil helps moisturise the hair follicles and prevents them from falling out, but – much like coconut oil – scientific research proving eyelash growth is limited.

Viviscal Supplement 

Viviscal is a naturally derived hair growth nutritional supplement that supports healthy growth from within, and with over 25 years of research & development, it does come with plenty of science to prove it works. Although thicker, fuller head hair is its aim, according to users, the supplements improve all hair growth, on the face and body too. 

Think we'd take shaving out legs at bit more regularly, over the upkeep of lash extensions.


How To Apply Your DIY lash booster 

You should always be careful when applying anything close to the eye area and use a clean, disposable applicator with each use.

Make sure your skin is free of any dirt or makeup before you apply. Then carefully use an applicator, like a clean cotton swab, to lightly coat your lash line. Be sure not to get any oil in your eye and always wash your face in the morning before applying any makeup.


Remember, eyelashes are actually *meant* to fall out. Just like hair follicles, the eyelash growth c has three main phases. It's normal for eyelashes to shed, especially at the end of the growth cycle, to allow for new, healthier eyelashes to come in. If your eyelashes aren't quite as thick as normal, it might be worthwhile to find the root cause of your eyelash loss.

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